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A 4-yr old girl got a role on the hit TV show, The Good Wife - Normally, a kid is always busy playing, but that is not the case with Aaralyn Anderson as she seems to enjoy filming. She already appeared on several print ads before and recently she landed a role on the TV show, The Good Wife.

As far as all babies, we can expect that babies would be the apple of the eye for everyone. Now, if your baby is a cute as Baby Aaralyn Anderson then you can expect that people dropping over and congratulating you whenever they see you with her. That is what mom Heather and dad Aaron went through every day with their baby girl. "Everywhere we went, people would come up to us and say how beautiful she was," said Heather, inside her home in Clayton. "They would always say she should be a baby model." Right now the 4-year-old is on New York City to film a scene for the hit TV show, "The Good Wife." Though, she wouldn’t speak in the shot, she got the chance to meet Christine Baranski, who she knows because of the movie, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas "And then she had to peek up to look at Christine Baranski as she ran by," Heather said. That episode of "The Good Wife" aired in April. Aaralyn has finished wrapping filming for another TV show. In this show known as The Haunting of ... ," her role was Motley Crue band member Vince Neil's late daughter, Skylar. The show, which airs on LMN, is all about celebrities who have had "ghostly" experiences. "They needed a toddler who was blonde," said Heather. "Literally, the next day they called us. They said Aaralyn was the closest match to what they were looking for." The show also features psychic-medium Kim Russo as she talks about celebrities who've had their lives changed by paranormal events. Aaralyn plays Vince Neil's little daughter who eventually die because of a rare kidney cancer, which affects children. "She did have lines to say for this role," her mom said. But, her mother can’t reveal it since that episode won’t be shown till late June. But, she added that she thinks that the way her daughter says it was very moving. Most of the TV gigs she filmed before are around Brooklyn, but there was this film about a commercial — for CHIP, Pennsylvania's health insurance for children, wherein it was filmed outside of Philadelphia. Aside from TV shows, she already appeared in several print ads for magazines. She did a print ad cover for Toys R Us and an ad campaign from the Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill. The little kid has been enjoying her time in front of the camera, but her mother confessed that if her daughter doesn’t want to do it anymore then she won’t argue about it. Fortunately, Aaralyn’s interest in the showbiz industry hasn’t change for now.
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