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Joey tells that his mother's tragic incident affected his learning capability - It seems that the whole thing just happened yesterday as the pain of his mother committing suicide still hunted Joey Essex. For two years, he believe that his mother was alive and that she would come back someday - only to find out that his mother killed herself two years ago.

Joey Essex remembers the time that her mother died and how it has affected his learning capabilities during that time. The former ITV 2 star believes that the knowledge of her mother committed a suicide when he was just 10 years old could be the culprit behind his lack of general knowledge. In his book, he explains: 'Some people reckoned I stopped learning because of what happened to my mum. Almost like I froze in time. I don't know about that but I remember it hitting me really hard.' Joey can’t tell the time, though, he is a proud owner of a £70,000 Rolex watch - and his older sister Frankie Essex only found out that their mother committed a suicide after two years that their mother died. He remembered finding out about it from a schoolchild blurting it out in the playground. According to The Sun newspaper, Joey never knew that their mother committed suicide for two years. His dad never bothers to tell them about it. His dad lied about the incident and told them that their mom is just staying in a hotel, adding that she would return someday. 'I guess he was trying to protect us and I don't think he wanted to deal with it himself. I was convinced she was staying in a hotel and was coming back.' Though, she grows without his mom besides him, Joey despise people saying that only a coward would think that suicide is the answer to their problem. Her mother was only 38 when she died, suffered from post-natal depression after Joey’s birth, and then developed candida, a yeast infection that causes pain and exhaustion. Joey and Frankie – both used to star in TOWIE - came home from school one day to the family house in Chigwell, Essex only to find out that their mother killed herself in a hotel. Tina’s mum Linda Sims spoke out on the tragic events, and explains that Joey thinks his mum, watches over him every day. ‘It was terrible’, Linda recently said of the time after Tina’s suicide. ‘Joey told me that for five years he believed that she would come back. He just couldn’t accept she had gone. ‘Joey firmly believes she is up there looking down on him, helping him and watching over him. And I believe it myself.' Recently, Joey and his ex-girlfriend Sam Faiers has reunited and also signed a contract with Select Model Management's Special Division.
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