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Britain Got Talent found the another Susan Boyle - The ITV show might have found another Susan Boyle in the persona of 16 year old, Jodie Bird. She received a standing ovation after her performance.

In the showbiz industry, people are used to saving the best for last. And this goes even for the ITV talent show, Britain's Got Talent. That is what happened to teenage contestant Jodie Bird on Saturday's episode. Like the first time, she performed in front of the judges, she wowed them. This time she chooses the song Don't Rain On My Parade, which enable her to be praised unanimously because of her talent akin to that of BGT alumni Susan Boyle. The 16 year old was wearing a floral print dress with buckled shoes; the brunette hopeful had to find out how rude the showbiz industry as Simon Cowell interrupted her audition and demand her to sing something modern. Though, she wasn’t comfortable, she tried to maintain her composure, before Amanda Holden insisted on resuming the track - much to the delight of the audience. Jodie then sang the song again, in which she receive a standing ovation from the panel as well as four 'yes' votes. For the first time, Simon Cowell lowered has pride and apologize for his rude manners. Sorry to say, not everybody succeeded that night. The night started off with Mary, a wannabe comedienne who failed to raise a smile with her poor humour. She then confessed that she paid £200 for a comedy master class, Simon then replied that she should have got a refund. After that, was David, who works in a Poundland store. Like the first one, he also got rejected by the four judges. Ricky Kay, 33, from Sheffield, was successful when he delivered a comedy routine to music, which was well-received. Usually singing in a pub venue, he opted for the song, Fairytale of Love. The act was successful as he got the approval of all the judges. Joe Poulton came in next and asked the viewers to 'do the prawn'. Then there was 40-year-old Tom whose performance of Somewhere from West Side Story wasn’t as addictive like the original. There were lots of negative comments when 54-year-old Eddie Variety, a manager for a postal delivery company, performed the world's smallest disco wearing a toilet costume he created himself. Ed Drewett, a little-known songwriter who penned the Best Song Ever track for One Direction. He was lucky to advance to the next round. 2012 was the year when singers were allowed to apply to any record deals they want. From then on, the ITV programme has been flooded with professional acts. Before auditioning for the talent show, Drew has already had two recording contracts, with EMI and Universal’s Polydor Records label. 'I would love to be recognised as a singer in my own right that means a lot to me. It is honestly an incredible experience to hear something you have written yourself on the radio. Polish man Kony wowed everyone with his puppetry mastery, wherein he performs with a life-size puppet of Beyonce Knowles. The judges give him their stamp of approval.
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