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Former Eustis family of pastors becomes part of a reality show - With all the reality show appearing one by one, you can expect that you would see one that is spreading the words of god soon. And that is what the new show is going as it starts this year soon.

These days, reality shows are sprouting like mushrooms in the forest. They seem to come from out of nowhere. As of this article, there is a new reality show about Christianity and the title of the show is “Speegle Life.” According to TLC, the new show will feature a former Eustis family of pastors and the series will based on their experiences starting a new church in their home state of Alabama, the network announced recently. The new show is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions and follows the lives of Rev. Allen Speegle, his wife, Janice; their daughters, Jill Windham and Lori Adgate, together with husbands, Rod Windham and Seth Adgate, respectively. All of them used to be full-time ministers at Family Bible Church in Eustis. The series features the ups and downs the Windhams and Adgates go through daily while launching Movement Church in Madison with support and guidance from the Speegles. "Our viewers know what they want from TLC and we know what to give them — the shows that make them feel something and people they can root for," said Nancy Daniels, TLC general manager. "This emotional connection is essential to our brand." Filming is due of the show began on May 16 and will soon air in fall, as said by Dustin Smith, TLC vice-president of communications. This is the life they chose after announcing their resignation and leaving Florida after 20 years at the church and move to Alabama for their new venture. Commonly known for its annual attention-grabbing Bible series, often built around popular television shows that includes "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and A&E's mega-hit reality series "Duck Dynasty," the church also become popular when the Speegle family appeared on "Family Feud" in 2010 and early 2013. The network believe that viewers would love the family as they found out about them from an outside producer, Smith said. "There's a lot of great heart there," he said. "They're launching a new church and returning home at the same time. We thought they had something fantastic to tell." The network got so many followers because they got a set of family-based reality shows and had its best first quarter in a decade this year. Jill Windham, lead pastor of Movement Church, which is about to launch June 1, said the family will only comment after speaking to their agent. However, in Facebook, Windham reveals that they are excited about the opportunity to show how a real Christian lives. Tamara West Moreland Ray, a 15-year member of Family Bible Church, said the family is a great choice in sharing the message of God and Christianity to reality-show television. "It's a positive all the way around," she said. "People relate to them because they are so real, there are no pretenses with them: What you saw on 'Family Feud' was not fake — it was real." "Allen teaches the unconditional love of God better than anyone I've ever met," Ray said. "It'll be perfect."
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