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Michael Sam's reality show deal angered some NFL fans - Michael Sam and Oprah Winfrey's cable network agreed to work together on a multi-part documentary series. Apparently, NFL fans aren't supportive to his reality show and they think that Sam is just fooling them.

Reports has it that both Michael Sam and Oprah Winfrey's cable network agreed to work together on a multi-part documentary series. The show follows the life of Sam as he becomes part of a football team – St. Louis Rams. But that agreement has some criticisms from NFL watchers who had support him in the past. On Saturday, Sam gave sports and equal rights fans a live televise moment, wherein he broke down in tears after he was chosen by the Rams in the NFL Draft and delivered a celebratory kiss to his boyfriend. Sure, there would be lots of viewers that don’t like what they see and had complained on ESPN. But that is a compelling moment, wherein a man expresses his happiness. Now that Sam is part of the reality TV world, some football watchers thinks that it is all part of the show. A few months ago, Sam asked fans to support him on his endeavor, but it turns out that this is what he was referring to. Others, like NFL Network's Albert Breer, noted that Sam’s complaint about constant exhortations has nothing to do with this. "Doubt the Rams want a seventh-round Reality TV star," The MMQB's Peter King tweeted. Magary even goes so far as to suggest that the very moment that made Sam a star might not have been totally sincere. "Now that Sam has a reality show, can anyone believe with 100 percent confidence that the kiss he shared with his boyfriend on camera last Saturday was a real and true moment?" Sam reiterated that he wants to become a football player for now. He insisted that he is determined with his dream. The network also claimed that they are going to respect the sport as they aren’t going to shoot inside one NFL team's training camp every fall, despite the fact that would be wildly popular among football fans. Sam is a late late-round pick, so he definitely has reason to take the reality show. Through, the reality show, he can share his inspiring story far and wide, all while increasing his popularity to the masses. Even NFL stars’ careers don't always last long, and Sam need to make sure that he can get the best opportunity. Alternatively, this might be his undoing as reality TV is still considered the last refuge of the fame-hungry, and seeking it out might not help him in the long run. It is a fact, that there are many NFL players who have had their own reality shows and most of them are already legendary. Compared to Sam, who is just starting out, that might be a great company to be in since he will be overshadowed.
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