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A TV show gives light on the case of a four decade murder mystery - The TV show re-examined the case of Jackie English, who vanished four decades ago. By carefully investigating the evidence collected by the police holding the case back then, the team has identified the culprit behind the killing.

A forgotten case was revived to pinpoint the guy responsible for the murder of a 15 years old girl four decades ago. The evidence pinpoints a man named “David” as the one responsible for the crime. To Catch a Killer, a reality crime detective series that aired Saturday night on the Oprah Winfrey Network, summarized the unsolved murder of Jackie English of London, Ont. The TV show uses clues that was left by a deceased OPP detective, and as combined with modern investigative tools to narrow the search down to a man convicted sometime in the 1970s of non-capital murder. The full name of the suspect, his original hometown and other details weren’t provided since the show might get sued for it. The show was the idea of London police officer and Western University professor Mike Arntfield, re-opens the cold case murder of English, who suddenly vanished on Oct. 4, 1969. Her body was found naked in Big Otter Creek near Tillsonburg, Ont., four days later. A map helps the TV crew to pinpoint the suspect’s home base to west of Tillsonburg. To help with the case, Dennis Alsop Jr., the son of a main OPP investigator in the case who found memoirs left behind by his late father, Dennis Sr., provided some details for the show. Apparently, there was another case that was linked to the man known as David. The two cases were about Lynda White, who disappeared in 1968 and Soraya O'Connell, who vanished in 1970 leads to the very same suspect that abducted and killed English. Like English, they both vanished from London, Ont., and their remains later found in the region. Anne English-Cremers, the sister of Jackie English was contacted after the crew solved the mystery. She said that she would like that the case be open again and cops to go after the man responsible for the death of her sister. Earlier this week, the OPP claimed that the TV show's probe didn’t have any connection to their ongoing investigation. The detectives of the show every little pieces of the evidence, which includes an interview with Marilyn Hird, of London, a friend and co-worker of English's at the time of her disappearance. Hird was attempted to commit suicide after several weeks of the disappearance of her friend. Back then, she was found overdosed while a photo of English was found on her pocket. There was writing at the back of the photo, indicating she would take the killer's name to her grave. The photo gives some clues that Hird was protecting a relative with criminal record.
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