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A new reality show about a college professor and his family attracts attention - Ryun Hovind is a college professor and his family wants to share their lives with everyone so they film themselves on video and show it on Youtube. Their first project was a success that they decided to make web series.

A new reality show is in the making and this one is based on the lives of college instructor and his wife, who have adopted six children. They want to share their lives to the millions of people that would be interested in their lives. Ryun Hovind and MeLisa Lomelino started their relationship when they were just high school and in 1997 they decided for them to get married. But, unlike, most couples, the two don’t want to have children of their own. They are adopting kids that weren’t lucky to have a family. The two are now in their mid-30s, and had settled in Los Angeles with their current family of four children between 10 and 16 years old. The guys are 18- and 21-year-old young men and living on their own. Hovind is an instructor in the college’s media arts department. He spends most of his time in the production studio and the equipment’s room, while he wears black framed glasses and surrounded himself with audio and video equipment. Recently, the couples transformed their lives into their own media arts project. The name of the reality show is “Drive Us Crazy” and they themselves produce the show. They are able to produce a two-minute trailer, which they promote on YouTube and their own website. On the first day alone, the video manage to get more than a million views, 800,000. The initial project was a success that they decided to make a series of videos. They will be releasing an episode every Sunday on Youtube. In the series, the family will be taking a joy ride to various places. A camera is mounted at the rear of the van. The show will feature the everyday lives as they make their way to their destinations. Lomelino works in television and film as a freelance screenwriter. She graduated from Columbia College Hollywood. She noted that making the transition from feature to short film was not easy for her. Raising a family is tough enough, and filming it makes it much tougher. “Ryun calls me the CEO of our family,” Lomelino said. The couple gets their viewers from social media. Among all the social medias, Twitter is a popular choice for them since they got some help with Hollywood celebrities that retweeted their page. Savannah, oldest kids that is still living with them helps them with promoting the show on Instagram. “Love makes family,” said Hovind. “It’s not about blood.”
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