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Emily Piriz talks about the goodbye song for American Idol - When Emily Piriz was sent home last Thursday, the voice that the viewers heard singing 'Breakaway' didn't come from its singer, but from that of Piriz.

For the past seasons of the Fox Networks talent show, producers always choose one number as the goodbye song for any of the eliminated contestant, it is either Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day,” Daughtry’s “I’m Going Home,” or Phillip Phillips’ “Gone, Gone, Gone.” When Florida’s Emily Piriz was sent home packing, the voice you heard singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” didn’t come from the singer as that was a recorded voice of Emily Piriz. In a conference, reporters were interviewing Piriz -- who says that Clarkson and Season 10’s Haley Reinhart as her personal Idol role models. There she revealed all the contestants have their voice recorded just in case they were sent home on Thursday evening's elimination episodes. Season 13 resembles the previous eras of Idol, in which the girls are the first to be sent home early in the competition. Piriz agreed that it has the same pattern, but added that she still believe that there is nothing fishy about the whole concept. Piriz performs “Let’s Get Loud” in front of Judge Jennifer Lopez, Piriz said she has no regrets, as that song is one of her favorites. “As far as song choice goes it is basically all on us. We have three choices and we sing it in front of Randy Jackson and some of the producers and they will tell us our thoughts,” she told The Hollywood Reported “On Monday, we have a rehearsal and Randy is there and watches us on the stage and he will tell us things we have to fix. He really helps us get prepared for the live shows.” When the reporter asked her if the producer’s decision to show a video of her Marine boyfriend, Matt, prior to her turn at the stage may have affect her performance that night, she said that she had a hard time singing afterwards. The two didn’t have the chance to see each other for two months and she missed him so much. She tried her best, but her emotions got the better of her during her performance. While judge Harry Connick Jr.’s critiques may have seemed harsh to some, Piriz said that the judge is just honest “He’s a great speaker and it was true what he was saying... that we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t great singers and we don’t need someone telling us we are great when we need someone telling us what we need to fix,” she said.
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