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Amazing Race constestants filed a lawsuit against a hospital - Jamil and Idries Abdur-Rahman was working for the Community Hospital of Ottawa. But, when the hospital was acquired by another company, they didn't hire the two back.

Being deprive of an opportunity or something just because of your race is something that would put anyone off the grid. And that is what happens with two former Amazing Race contestants. That is why they have filed a complaint against an Ottawa hospital. The hospital refused to hire them simply because they don’t have the same race and religion. Twin brothers Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman, who practice obstetrics and gynecology, said that they were not hired back by the OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center in northern Illinois because they are Muslim African-Americans practicing Islam. According to the suit, brothers worked for the Community Hospital of Ottawa, which has its name change into Ottawa Regional Hospital & Healthcare Center as an independent contractor. In May 2012, Ottowa Regional merged with OSF Healthcare System, and changed its name once again to OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center. The merger promises that the employees will be acquired by the new company. The new hospital then asked the two to sign an agreement to abide by “Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services” as physicians at OSF Saint Elizabeth, if ever they are employed by the new company. The Abdur-Rahman sign the agreement to ensure that they would be hire by the company. In December of 2012, the Abdur-Rahmans were told that the hospital had decided not to hire them, simply because they think that the brothers can’t change their religious and ethical views. The lawsuit alleges two counts of violation of Title VII for failure to hire because of religion and race, and two counts of violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act for failure to hire because of religion and race. Brianne Riley, spokesperson for the hospital, said that OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center is pretty sure that it didn’t break any federal and state discrimination laws while providing high-quality health care throughout the region. Riley then added that the Illinois Department of Human Rights dismissed the complaint since there isn’t enough evidence to back the allegations. The lawsuit aims to see that the brothers get their backpay plus interest, compensatory damages, loss in benefits and other costs. Jamil and Idries Abdur-Rahman was part of “The Amazing Race season 22,” traveling to Los Angeles and Bora Bora in the South Pacific during November and December of 2012. The season was broadcasted in February 2013, and the brothers’ finish in eight placed out of 11 teams. The two got eliminated in week two because they finished last in a competition that featured open-water swimming.
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