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A new reality show features how real people makes money from selling old stuff - The show is as real as it can get since the casts don't make money from any prize that they are going to get from making the most every week. These people read "Uncle Henry’s and do deals" as a guide every time they are doing transactions.

It looks like that there will be a new reality show that will not take dictates from a team of Hollywood writers trying to come up with the next “Duck Dynasty” or “Pawn Stars.” The idea for “Down East Dickering” comes from the pages of Maine’s 44-year-old bargain hunter’s bible, “Uncle Henry’s Weekly Swap Or Sell It Guide.” The show will begin at 10 p.m. April 2 on the History cable network. There will be more than eight episodes, and it will be about 10 penny-pinching readers while the read guide and then use what they learned to buy a tractor part, a hunk of scrap metal, a cow or a bicycle. Kevin Webb, general manager of the Uncle Henry’s publications and website, based in Augusta said that the show is as real as it can get since there are no actors. The people in the show are just ordinary people that like to read Uncle Henry’s and do deals.” Webb first thought about the idea a few years ago. He then started doing some audition, without any network backing him out. Eventually, a network shows up and started to get an interest on his works. “Down East Dickering” is now among the latest reality shows that feature Mainers doing slightly quirky things. Susan Ievoli, director of publicity for History, claimed that the latest addition to their shows will focus around Uncle Henry’s readers, eight from Maine and two from other New England states. The show is unlike any other reality show since this is not a competition or a show that offers prizes as a reward for winning. The show follows the lives of people trying to make a living with their deals. Ievoli didn’t give any details about the characters of the casts, but noted that they will be available pretty soon for interview. In the Youtube trailer of the show, there were bearded men in ball caps and winter hats, some standing before rusting heaps of junk, talking about their passion for dickering. “I brought a guy four loads of horse manure for a bicycle,” a man says as various scenes speed by on the screen. “It’s a secret aht, not done with a computer or a smaht phone, it has to be done face to face,” another voice says. Uncle Henry’s list of things for sale and potential swaps makes a good examples of things that people never thought that they could make money from. Web noted that the show will be different every episode since there will be different deals that the people here will be engage on.
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