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David Barton's gym will be featured in a new reality show - Brodsky like his life to be private and he didn't like the idea that he is going to be exposed. But, when he realizes that this will be good for his business, he agree to the reality show.

Hiring the best man for the job is not easy since you need to consider a lot of things already, but when there is the idea of the hiring process being viewed by millions of people, the task can be even more daunting. However, that won’t be a problem for Howard Brodsky, CEO of David Barton Gym, he is now part of a new TNT TV series, "Inside Job," which premiered last Friday. The episode that has David Barton Gym in it, is going to be appear on TV this coming March 14. Brodsky is a private person so he hesitated at first when he was approached about the reality show, however, he did realize that it will be a good exposure for his business. The show is about four people living together for five consecutive days while competing for a six-figure job at a big company and only one of them will get the job. Unknowingly, there is a spy among the four applicants that is reporting directly to the company. The spy is already part of the company and he is there for one reason. And that is to find more about the applicants vying for the same position. Sure, that is a little sneaky, but that will keep the show even more interesting and the company can get the best possible employee that can work for them. Brodsky together with the producers of the show created two challenges, one of which was to design a brand new fitness class at David Barton's West Los Angeles gym and then market and lead the class for nonmembers. The goal here is invite more people to join the club and sing up as members. The second challenge was to work with a graffiti artist to develop a mural on the Venice boardwalk that communicated the David Barton brand. Then they had to get the word out by means of social media. Brodsky noted that the challenges will help him find the right guy for the job. The right guy must be able to think on their feet, and works well with the team at the same time while interacting with the clients Brodsky was in Los Angeles for the five days of filming and acted as the de facto host of the show for that episode. The final three candidates were handpicked by the producers of the show. Each of them was picked because they are qualified and not because they make the show appealing.
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