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X Factor hopeful got her equipment confiscated just because she loves to sing - Elaine Rennie, is one of the hopefuls for X Factor, but sadly she can't performed for the said show as her equipment got confiscated. Unfortunately, she is disturbing the peace in a small town that resulted to her electric guitar and amplifier being confiscated.

A sad thing happened to one of the hopefuls of X Factors as she got stripped of her guitar and amp right after she serenades the drinkers in Newcastle's bars and clubs at 4 in the morning. Elaine Rennie, who is also a former Stars In Their Eyes finalist, had been called into court as she breached an order that banned her from performing late at night in the city. Sadly, the Newcastle Magistrates' Court ordered the confiscation of her amplifier and electric guitar. The event will derail her from her musical career, and halt her chance from performing on X Factor. She said: 'My equipment was seized four days before I had an X Factor audition in Glasgow. To practice her signing talent, she does street performance and donates the money that she got to a local church and an animal sanctuary. She said: 'I always give the money away to charities. This year I’m going to try to go on the X Factor and also Britain’s Got Talent.' The council chiefs have drawn up a code of practice for buskers to stop residents being hounded with music. Because she uses an amplifier, Rennie was charge with five offences of creating noise pollution. During the hearing, she begs the magistrates not to take her amplifier and even offered them a sum of £2,000 fine so that they won’t take her equipments. Tim Gregory, the guy who represents Rennie claimed that her client never received any noise abatement notice. He continued that the amp was a present from her late aunt and she had a specialist that had retired since. It would be hard to replace the amp since it is tune in especially to her voice. He also revealed about the mental health problems that her client is suffering from, such as obsessive compulsive disorder and bi-polar condition. The only way she could treat her condition is with music She already got a contract with a music company and got a CD. Every week, she goes to the church to perform for the lord. Rennie noted that the public performances is her way of treating her condition, also boosting her self-esteem at the same time. During a court hearing this week Rennie was ordered to pay a £145 fine, £450 costs and a £20 victim surcharge. Melanie Bulman, prosecution said that there was a buskers that prevents anyone to play music between 8pm to 10am. She said: 'Buskers tend to operate in certain areas of the city where people move from one licensed premises to another. This is made so that there won’t be any more people crowding around the buskers at an early time.
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