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A new reality show in the making at Hampton Beach - The said show will be like 'Jersey Shore', but would feature residents of Hampton Beach. The said show is still looking for some casts before it can proceed with the production.

Jersey Shore is gone, but a new show with the same description is in the making. The said reality show will feature the Hampton Beach. The ad in Craigslist says that a major production company is on the lookout for people ages 18 to 30 that live near Hampton Beach. Paul O'Malley, the vice president of casting and talent for Burbank, Calif.-based Authentic Entertainment, claimed that he didn’t want to make alert everyone as the show is still in development. But officials are not pond of the show since they believe that it would make a bad impression on Hampton Beach. The reality show might contradict their hard work promoting it as a destination for families. According to the website, they are responsible for show such as "Toddlers & Tiaras" and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," which features child beauty pageant stars, and "The 750-Pound Man," which is a reality show of a fat guy that never leave his bed for seven year simply because he can’t leave due to the fact that he is way too heavy to be carried by his feet. Hampton officials noted that shows depicting sex and drunkenness are a bad representation for Hampton Beach. Bob Preston, who is one of the members of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce and owner of Preston Real Estate, said the company cannot find any troublemaker in the area. Tom McGuirk, owner of McGuirk's Oceanview Restaurant, claimed that he heard about it, but thinks that it doesn’t exist because he doesn’t believe anything on craigslist. McGuirk said he has a master's degree in mass communications in television from Emerson College and has worked for Paramount and Disney. He claimed that any production company would need set of permissions to film something for national TV. Town Manager Fred Welch claimed that no one approach him yet for any filming permission in Hampton Beach by Authentic Entertainment. McGuirk added that the reality show would be great if it depicts reality since there are lots of people in the area that are interesting. However, there is a chance that the crew would import people from other places and regarded them as Hampton residents, which was what happened with the now defunct MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. "What are you going to get people from Worcester and Salem and get them to come up and cause trouble on Hampton Beach — and call them Hampton Beach people?" he asked. "You cause trouble in your own neighborhood," he said.
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