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Alan Thicke's reality show will be up for another season - Canadian Alan Thicke reality show will be up for a second season. The show is about Thicke and his family. There are some occasions that some famous celebrity shows up to be part of the show.

When Canadian Alan Thicke first venture into the world of reality show, he doesn’t know if that venture would be successful or not. Thankfully, it was successful and now the reality show has has been picked up for a second season. "Ratings have been very good in both the States and Canada. We've been happily embraced and we're ready to march on," as told by Thicke in an interview with The Canadian Press at the Banff World Media Festival. "We're in our pre-production phase right now plotting what the hell we'll do for an encore. The audience seems to have bought into our wink, wink, nudge, nudge way of doing things." The reality/sitcom hybrid follows Thicke, model-wife Tanya and their family — Carter and Brennan, owner of a marijuana dispensary — in Santa Barbara, Calif. Alan is also the proud father of pop-star son, Robin Thicke of "Blurred Lines" fame, who got his own reality right now. Thicke ‘s reality show is visited by some of his friends in the showbiz industry like Bob Saget, David Hasselhoff, Wayne Gretzky, John Stamos and Bill Maher. On each episode, he made sure that the viewers know of his Canadian citizenship. "I think it was an opportunity to do that and I'm a Canadian citizen after all these years and trying to get Carter his dual citizenship," he said. "I'm proud of that. It's part of my identity and a unique thing I carry with me is my Canadian-ness and we're good folk." Season was mostly about Tanya’s desire to have a baby and Thicke's hesitation because his old age (67 years old). Alan believes that the same problem might be present in the season 2. "Daily. In real life the baby issue lives with us. It's either the first thing we discuss in the morning or the last thing at night," he said with a chuckle. Alan Thicke wants his guest star to be the actress Melissa McCarthy, who bought a house from Thicke over a year ago. It all things goes right then season two will be 14 episodes, but it might be reduced to 12 since Thicke is on tour for most of year. On the tour, he isn’t going to be vacationing as he is one of the hosts for a live show called "Dancing Like the Pros" that pits professional dancers from TV and the competitive dance world against each other to find out, who is the best. They will be vying for the attention of panel of judges and a live audience. Thicke added that he is just host there and he won’t be dancing.
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