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Danielle exploded during the Big Brother nomination - It seems, that every time, there is a nomination, the tensions are so high that they might explode soon. That is what happened on Tuesday night's nomination.

Every time, there are nominations in the Big Brother house, the tensions are so high that contestants get quiet as if they were trying to read one another’s mind. Tuesday night was no exception, as both Helen Wood and Danielle McMahon took it in turn down one another. They insult each other so the one gets vote out of the house. Danielle got mad of the fact that she was up for public vote and says: 'Just because I don't talk about d**ks and f***ies, I'm a bad person?' Helen got upset and soon there was a huge confrontation between the two. Danielle claimed that she didn’t Helen. After they were told to return with the rest of the housemate, the arguing didn’t stop as Helen continued: 'I just told her what I thought of her, calling me a sl*g and then denying it, she better stop sh**ing Jesus, you f**king tramp.' Soon Danielle was bursting into tears to Big Brother in the diary room. She asks Big Brother if she could just go home because the whole group is mad at her. Helen was attended by Mark on the sofa, as she asked for advice: 'I am just so different from everyone in here, what do you think I should do?' Mark noted that all of them come from different so she should only apologize if she feels sorry. In the meantime, another housemate, Jale Karaturp seemed to take the news badly. Before the big day, Toya A Washington felt like something is about to happen: 'Maybe when we go into the later evening it will be a bit more tense, but it's bearable right now.' Danielle talked to Jale in the bathroom and told her how unhappy she is with the crude discussions going on in the house: 'It is not appropriate discussion, it's when women are talking about it in a degrading manner. Jale and Kimberley Kisselovich competed to become the sexiest housemate. They danced seductively with a number of props including chairs, feather boas and leopard print gloves. Chris Wright and Ashleigh Coyle were pitted against each other and they want to be known as the weirdest. Each one of them pulled a series of silly faces, with the former being crowned the winner. Tamara Stewart-Wood stripped down to her bikini and she was covered with umpy yeast, blood, and an octopus on her head. Later that evening, Jale, Danielle and Tamara were given to the public t be judge. Big Brother revealed that it was Jale, who put Pauline every week, but also told her that Jale’s power trip was over.
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