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An owl act become the laughing stuff of Britain's Got Talent judges - Chirpy Andrew Charlton, want to recreate the success of Ashleigh and Pudsey, with some help from his owl, Rocky. But, the results wasn't the one that he expected as the judges just laugh at him.

Back in 2012, the Britain Got Talent stage was impressed with the act of a dog and his master. Now an owl with his master tries to recreate that success, but somehow, it just makes the panel of judges laughing. Chirpy Andrew Charlton, 53, from Lincolnshire and his owl Rocky does their act in hope of repeating the success of 2012 series winners Ashleigh and Pudsey, but didn’t like it and were not impressed. What impressed the judges was five-piece boyband Collabro whose version of Stars from Les Miserables puts the audience on standing ovation and even puts a tear on the 43-year-old Amanda. There was another act, whose songs got deemed as 'fantastically bad' by Simon Cowell. Incredibly, Sean Wozencroft, from Gloucester, tries to set a record for the shortest time taken to eat a raw onion. The show manage to get international acts coming as contestants comes from Ukraine, Greece and the United States. Mzz Kimberley, a 39-year-old cabaret artist that hails from Detroit, Michigan, performed in a Wonder Woman costume on roller skates and impressed comedian David Walliams who told her: 'If I was on Britain's Got Talent that is the act I would do.' Reports claimed that the finalists were forced to sign contract that would put music guru Cowell in charge of their careers for years. Non-singing acts of the show will get some regular gigs in Simon’s company, Sysco if Simon likes them. Back then, only signers were offered the chance to sign on the dotted line with the company. Some of the biggest money maker for Simon includes the likes of former BGT crooners Paul Potts, Susan Boyle and Panini Pavarottis duo Richard and Adam Johnson. But Cowell confessed that he wasn’t able to capitalize on other acts before. Take for instance is the group Diversity, as they won the third series and Simon failed to cash in on them as he wasn’t able t signs them in a contract. The group manages their own deals. They make lots of money, but Simon didn’t make money from them. Reports claimed that Cowell is hoping to get a new Diversity because he wants to cash in on their talent. Syco cashed in from 2012 winners Ashleigh and dancing dog Pudsey. In a recent interview with The Sun, Simon’s friend said: 'Simon will privately admit he was naive to think only the singers were of any worth. He made next to nothing from Diversity - meanwhile they're packing out arenas. The contract change is rather late in the game but Simon only now feels Syco has the confidence to take on variety acts and sell them around the world.'
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