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Reality show stars visited a school to promote their show - Rick Curren and his family visited the Elementary School in Prince George County to promote their show. The kids were delighted to see the reptiles in front of them as they used to see them on TV.

While Daystar Network star, Rick Curren reached in the bucket full of names, fourth- and fifth-graders from William A. Walton Elementary School in Prince George County shut their eyes and hope that they would be picked. So, when the names were called, the children were excited that most of them where shouting. After being called onto the stage, the two lucky kids watched how Curren and his son, Pierce Curren, pulled two snakes from beneath black cloths. The two children got their dream when they touch the scaly skin of the snakes. The stars of the show visited the kids on their school last Friday to promote and represent their television show, Pierce's Scaly Adventures. Most of the kids watched the show every Saturday, while the family travel across the United States and discover all types of creatures. A few of the family scaly friends present during the time they visited the elementary school were a bearded dragon named Pickle, a snake named Cupcake and an iguana named Spike. Zy'on Thompson was one of the fourth-grader that watches the show every Saturday. He may have seen the animals on TV, but it was her first time to see them up close and personal. Another lucky kid that was chosen to touch the snake was Morgan Hollingshed who was like Thompson that has seen the reptiles on the TV show. His favorite was the bearded dragon named Pickle. While presenting their reptiles, the family managed to talk about their experience with their scaly friends in the presentation. It was some sort of life lesson as Rick Curren said that Spike, the Iguana was hostile when they first took him in, that it bit him a lot of times. However, Spike’s hostility wore off as time passes by because of the kindness that the family showed him. "Like Spike, you will meet someone who isn't very nice. A lot of times it is because no one has worked with them. It is how we look at them and understand them that helps us work with them," as Rick Curren stated. Then there was the other reptile named Scrappy, who had been mistreated by a previous owner. After a few weeks of caring, the reptile was able to trust people again. "Never let anything that has happened in your life from holding you back from your dreams," Tanya Curren said after discussing Scrappy's situation. The reality show started in 2012. The whole thing started as a past time, and it turned into life as they learned more about their scaly friends.
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