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Dee is currently training to become a chef to prepare for a reality show - Benefits Street star White Dee is currently in France to train on becoming a chef to prepare for her reality show. Her agent believes that she will be the 'next Rustie Lee'.

Benefits Street star White Dee is on training in France to prepare for his upcoming show as a celebrity chef in her own £20,000 cookery series. The 42-year-old mother is in Saint-Paul-le-Gaultier, France. There, she works with a renowned chef at the Chez Maebro bistro in the town because her agent want her to be the 'next Rustie Lee'. The café offers chips, pizzas, and special kebab platters alongside traditional French fare. After some intense tutelage from the chef, she will now serve a three course meal to diners to celebrate a private 80th birthday party. The bistro is widely popular with Brits holds regular curry evenings. The bar, which serve as a host for the tribute to the Led Zeppelin band for its mainly ex-pat customers. Last month, Dee’s agent, Barry Tomes unveiled that Dee is going to have her own TV cookery show. The show could give her £20,000 for a six episode run. This is the first time that Dee will practice at a professional kitchen prior to the show, wherein she will be the 'next Rustie Lee'. Her agent also added that Dee is hard at work to perfect the courses of fish soup and moules frites. TV chef Rustie has been known in the 1980s breakfast show TV-am for her laud and outgoing style. Mr Tomes claimed that Dee can cook fresh fish while at home and likes to serve fruit and vegetables to her children with every meal. He added that she didn’t need to train, but he insisted that she undergo training to prepare for the TV show. The Birmingham mother-of-two got her benefits frozen after it was revealed that she was doing promotional work, has been receiving around £20,000 a year in welfare payments. That angered the taxpayers after she continued with handling handouts till the Government stops her. Last month, reports claimed that she already turned down four job opportunities because it was boring. She didn’t pursue any of the four potential careers near her home in Birmingham. According to reports, she receives £214 a week from a combination of Employment and Support Allowance - formerly known as incapacity benefit - child tax credit and child benefit, plus £500 a month in housing benefit. Miss Kelly noted that she does feel guilty for claiming handouts. She added that she does that to support her children because her depression is stopping her from taking on full-time roles. The decision on her benefits will be announced in July.
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