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Steven Goode cried after getting nominated for eviction on BB house - Steven Goode fit body didn't help much as he got nominated on the BB house. He was nominated alongside Pauline and Christopher.

Steven Goode might have been the slimmest guy in the Big Brother house, but that would not save him for eviction in the latest twist of the Channel 5 reality TV series. The 23 year-old has been nominated for eviction together with Pauline and Christopher on Sunday. Before the nomination, he launched into a tirade of veiled threats aimed at Chris - even though isn’t sure on who is responsible. It seems that he forget the whole purpose of Big Brother was to let them nominate one another. 'You wanna see some beef? That little sh-t has put me up for eviction. I am not gonna be that person who kicks off but, the second I know, it will kick off,' he said. Afterwards, he was seen crying while dousing Pauline in adoration. 'What upsets me more than anything is that my grandad said 'never bite the hand that feeds you'. She [Pauline] is the most honest, genuine and fair person I have ever met in my entire life. 'Just remember: there's no way in a million years I'll ever forget how amazing you are, P. I'll always remember that. While everyone was sleeping, Steven says: 'I feel betrayed and I don't know why. I can't wait to find out who it is. I think people have picked people's weaknesses. I have a thick skin and a strong backbone, but there are people who need to be exposed.' But Chris keep on saying that Steve was 'susceptible' to Pauline's 'bulls--t' and that he was the housemate 'with the biggest bee in his bonnet'. In the meantime, Helen kept on bullying the other housemates. She confessed how badly treated Christopher – she ignored him whenever he entered the room - and reprimand Jale for using some of her lip balm. 'Is that mine?' she sneered, before continuing: 'Do you always help yourself to other peoples' stuff?', which is ironic given that she's infamous for sleeping with a married father-of-two. The former prostitute didn’t stop as she added string of expletives to her criticisms of Jale, saying: 'She's an attention-seeking b**tard. She's a harmful person with no personality. 'I'm really annoyed about some back-stabbing a---hole.' But, not everything in the Big Bother house was about cursing as there is also a lighter side. Some of the housemates took on the challenge of flirtin, which saw the likes of Marlon, Ash and Steven try on some of the flirting techniques they just learned to the girls in the House. Marlon flirted with Helen. Ash flirted with Toya and, of course, Steven chose to flirt with Pauline. Steven was hailed as the best individual flirter; he and Pauline were rewarded with afternoon tea, champagne and cakes by the pool. All the housemates also take part of the challenge and let Marlon, Ash and Steven that they don’t know about it. In return, Big Brother let them have three platters of penny sweets.
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