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Edwin McCain want to launch his own reality show - The singer that popularized by the hit song, I'll Be plans to launch his own reality show, but he doesn't want to reveal about the whole right now. Yet, there is a possibility that he might reveal additional details about it at his concert.

Edwin McCain have been known in the music industry for quite some time and now is going to delve in the reality show industry. But, he doesn’t have a plan of letting anyone on it - yet. However, he might revealed all about his plan at his concert. “It’s going to be set in Greenville and if we get clearance from the network, I’ll make the announcement at the concert,” McCain said. “We’ll be filming at the show. The people in the crowd may be part of the pilot episode.” The concert next Friday will feature all of his band and their songs. “I’m bringing the full band, so it’ll be music from 10 records,” said McCain, 44. McCain got known because of the songs “I’ll Be” and “I Could Not Ask for More,” and he will sing those songs and other material he recorded live on his 2013 “Extended Versions” album. “We’ve been playing a lot of that set at our concerts,” McCain said. The CD was a blast because of his fans that are seem to be waiting for it. The former Hootie and the Blowfish guitarist Mark Bryan was also part of the concert. McCain gave a few more hints about his TV show. “The good news is that the network loves Greenville and I think it’s going to be a great benefit to our fair city,” McCain said. “It’s an idea I’ve been developing over the last three years and it started with a very bad decision I made about buying a boat.” Some of his activities includes helping out a favorite local agency, Greenville’s Meyer Center for Special Children. McCain was part of an A&E reality series, “The Celebrity Bucket List,” which gives him a chance to spotlight the work of the Meyer Center. The center, which started in 1954, helps children in coping with disabilities by means of educational programs and speech, physical and occupational therapy. “I’ve been so blessed beyond anything I deserve that it just seemed like I could do something good for the Meyer Center,” McCain said. His involvement with the center started in 1990 as his friend Ashley Dunlap, a therapist there, encouraged him to pay a visit. As he learned more about the center, he also find out that his father, Watt, a Greenville pediatrician, is familiar with the founder, Dr. Leslie Meyer, a surgeon who simply wanted a change to do good upon the children that are bothered with physical and educational challenges. “It’s a powerful place and it will change your attitude for certain,” McCain said. “After the TV show was over, I started thinking, ‘You really should put your money where your mouth is,’ so on eBay I auctioned off a car I had restored and gave the money to the Meyer Center.”
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