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Student becomes a reality star because of her shuttle service business - Kellyann Wargo is like any other student, who likes to party every night and hang out with her friends. Soon enough, she realized how important transportation is and started her shuttle service.

College life is always hard and that is a fact. In fact, the daily setup, including going to school is such a bother that some are thinking of cutting classes. Now, if they have someone to talk to and push them that will be a different story. A college student just got the wildest idea to make money and help her fellow student at the same time. Kellyann Wargo, now 23, began her business 'Walk of Shame Shuttle' service during her senior year at the University of Michigan after she realized that she could help her friends that got stranded and hungover after a night out. She immediately created a promotional video to advertise her service and it went viral. Because of this, VH1 executives contacted her soon after and made her realize that she could be a reality star. At first, Kellyann would take her friends to breakfast right after she pick them up, and they'd foot the bill to pay for the service of driving them home. But soon enough, she realized that this could be her business as it makes her more than enough. 'It hit me: if I can get money out of my friends, I can definitely make money off strangers,' she told a representative from . Her roommate help her to make a poster that says 'It's basically going out for breakfast and swapping stories about your night, only in a car, and with me' Now, students pay her $5 for 'a ride home, a bottle of water and a high five,' and she even give out coupons for Plan B. Perhaps, the most entertaining aspects of Kellyann's drives, which are likely to be the focus of the show, are the conversations she has with the passengers. Another thing that might catch the interest of viewers are the Art and Design major's witty humor and magnetic personality, as claimed by VH1 senior vice president Jill Holmes. 'She has such a fresh take on things and has such a positive kind of comedic style... She could take any situation and turn it into a positive. We thought, "We have to meet her and do a show about this."' The original YouTube video, which now has around 290,000 views, shows Kellyann chauffeuring a sequence of girls the morning after Halloween. 'I love Halloween walks of shame,' she says as she sits on her front porch observing passers-by in their costumes. 'Feels like I'm at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.' Another hilarious scene that might interest viewers sees her chastising a friend for her antics the night before. 'You reek of tequila and low self-esteem,' she says. The reality series that is about to premier the shuttle service this summer will also show her franchising the shuttle service in various other college cities across the country.
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