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Farewell to Lindsay Lohan's reality show - OWN won't be renewing Lindsay's show, but the star doesn't have a clue on whether there will be a second season or not. Everyone seems to know, but Lindsay was left in the dark as no one bother to inform her yet. Later, this month, Oprah plans on telling Lindsay about the cancellation of the show.

Lindsay Lohan got her new show recently, but that won’t last long as OWN’s network doesn’t have plans on renewing the show. Unfortunately, Lohan hasn’t been informed about the latest development on her reality show, yet. Lindsay’s show has been performing poorly based on the ratings so Oprah Winfrey has pulled out the plug on the reality show. Executives of the show already know that Lindsay has been left out in the dark as she hasn’t been informed yet. Reports claimed that Oprah is furious with Lindsay because of her behavior and the trashy stories about her and her and her rumored sex list. Oprah thinks that Lindsay could have done a better way of promoting the show – the right way. The plan was to give Lohan a shot of reality show and that was for a short run. However, Lohan could have extended the show if the ratings were high. Soon after, Oprah will be telling Lindsay that there won’t be any season for her show as it didn’t pull in enough viewers. Apparently, the queen of talk is tired of hearing Lindsay’s problem. There are stories about the star of the show that comes out in the magazine and she hasn’t even informed her crew about it. In an interview with Daily Mail, a source said: 'OWN saw the Lindsay show as a possible long term hit series. And Oprah was hoping that it would chart her time from coming out of rehab to making it back into the A list movie ranks. The reality show wasn’t a success as it showed how far the once Disney star from making a comeback in the big screen. Her attitude towards the whole made everyone give up on her. The potential is there, but, that is not good enough as people aren’t interested with her ranting. This week Lindsay accepted a cameo role from a minor TV show, but Oprah didn't send out any of her camera crews to follow Lindsay's antics. There are reports that claimed that the star has been partying after the music shows. It is clear that her future now faces a dim future. It has been a decade since the last time that she landed a major in a movie. She has to settle with a cameo role from hit CBS series, 2 Broke Girls. For now, both camps of Oprah and Lindsay haven’t released any comment, yet.
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