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A 700 lbs woman want to join a reality show to lose weight - Charity Pierce is an overweight woman that believes that he will lose weight if she can enter a reality show. However, she needs to be approve by a doctor to be able to join the show. That is her problem because her size doesn't allow her to travel.

Meet a woman that is overweight, yet thinks that a reality show is the only way to get rid of his fat – Charity Pierce. She weighs 765 pounds. Charity confessed that she has been fat since she was a kid, but a condition known as lymphedema made things even worse. Lymphedema is the blockage in the lymphatic system, which causes swelling in a person's limbs. In her case, the condition made her left leg and hip swell so much. She can’t ride in most vehicles since her size doesn’t allow her to. That is why; she tends to stay on her home most of the time. Aside from that, walking is hard for her already so exercise is out of her mind. "The lymphedema feels like another whole person. It feels like cinder blocks hanging off you all the time," Charity said. Charity has a hard time losing weight because she can’t move much. Her daughter, Charly Pierce is worrying that her mother will soon become bedridden. Saying that her mother is doing her best to be mobile, she feels that there will come a time that her mother might not move out of her bed any longer. Charity believes gastric bypass surgery is her hope. She believes that doctors can help her get rid of those swollen masses on her body. But, sadly, local surgeons will only do the operation needed if her weight is less than 500 pounds. For now, the only thing that can help her get a bypass surgery is to be featured in TLC's show "My 600-lb Life” – a show that follows people that want to lose weight after their gastric bypass operation. However, she could only be accepted in the show if she get a go signal from a doctor from Houston. Charity claimed that it is the biggest obstacle since getting there is a problem. She need to be transported by mean of an ambulance, but she can’t afford the cost. To raise the fund needed Charity created a webpage to collect some donation. Charity needs $4,000 to be able to afford the ambulance that will transport him to the hospital, but, she still need a lot to proceed with the plan. For now, her raised money only amounts to $300, and that is a problem for her as the deadline is fast approaching. Charity said she needs to complete the money needed before the show expires at the end of April.
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