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A new reality show will look in Maine to find cast members - People from Maine are known to got a hobby of fishing and hunting. Now, they might have a new use for their skills as a reality show is looking for some casts with their skills.

Maine got a reputation of having people who likes hunting and fishing. Some people even say that their accents are peculiar and funny – fortunately for them, this might help them to have a reality show that focuses on their area. Just this year, a crew was filming at the Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby for a National Geographic Channel show, and they are looking for woman to host the new series, so they are having a casting call. Aside from that, Al Roker Entertainment announced that they need Maine lobstermen for a potential show. Now more producers are coming to Maine to find some cast for a show that Fox is billing as a “bold new social experiment.” The new show got based on a show of the same name from the Netherlands, “Utopia” will commission 15 people with creating their own community from scratch, and will be based on their own ideas of how they want it to run. The show is looking to find cast from all walks of life nationwide, but casting producer Jackie Topacio said the creators were focusing on Maine because they believe that there are lots of people with skills that could be useful in the new community, such as fishermen, hunters, veterinarians and blacksmiths. Producers from the Conlin Co. will come to Maine from April 29 and will stay there up to May 2. Those people who want to audition may go to to fill out an application and upload a video. Only participants must be 21 years of age or older and doesn’t have anything to do. The filming will last for more than one year and will start in late summer or early fall. Supervising casting producer Kristin Curtin claimed that this is the first time that they would cast in Maine since they preferred large cities because they knew that it has a large pool of potential participants. However, in this case, they think that the outdoor skill will come in handy as the participants will have some rudimentary supplies and left in an isolated location to create their community. The show will be live, Curtin said, and is the participants can be seen live via footage streaming online 24 hours a day. In the Dutch version of the show, the “pioneers” can be voted out, but in the American show will not have that option. Aside from the skills they posses, the cast members will be chosen because of their opinion in their ideal society. “We’re looking for people who have strong beliefs and ideas who know what they want in their ideal world, someone who thinks outside the box,” she said. “This is their chance to express and realize those ideas, so we really want revolutionaries.”
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