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Patrick Thomson may be gone from The Voice, but knows that is not the end - Patrick Thomson of Festus didn't believe that he would be able to pass the initial round, but he manage more than that as he got to the top 20 of the show. However, his luck just worn off as he got eliminated by Shakira.

Last Year Patrick Thomson of Festus was part of the thousand of participants that auditioned for “The Voice”. He was hoping to [ass the initial round, but deep down in his mind, he thought the he wouldn’t pass it. Fortunately, he was wrong as he was able to pass he even manage to get into the top 20. However, luck is not on his side this week as he got eliminated by Shakira, even though his performance of Ray LaMontagne’s “Trouble” was his best of the season. Thomson’s teammate Tess Boyer of Glen Carbon was lucky enough to advance to the live shows of the NBC talent TV show. He just followed his heart and proceeds with what he was doing before on “The Voice.” “I told myself I would be who I was and do what I do,” said Thomson, a blues, rock and soul singer who drew early praise on the show for vocals resembling Joe Cocker’s. “That’s who I am. Going out and doing anything else would be doing an injustice to myself. Though, he never plans to go out all the way, he was hoping to stay there as long as he can to learn everything and meet some important people. He confessed that he learned a lot of things about himself also about his own voice than he did during the entire 35 years of his life. He was able to reconnect with himself as a musician. During his lifetime, he has done lots of odd jobs in his life, but he said that now he had things figured out. He knew that as people get older, they tend to lose direction of their dreams and inspirations. You tend to stay away from everything that makes you happy. He now knew that even singing out of his range, he can accomplish it if he puts his mind to it. Adam Levine was the one that help him realize that. Adam was persistent in coaching him about relaxing and hitting notes. High note was the first battle that he lost because he just couldn’t get it. Adam said that he needs to work on the voice muscles to get there. His second coach, Shakira, offered him a different advice from Adam. Shakira noted that what he need is to learn how to perform in stage. Having a guitar to accompany him is good, but too much of something is bad. On top of that, he now knew why social media plays an important role in a singer’s life.
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