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Teen impressed all the judges on Britain Got Talent - Though, he wasn't old enough to take his GCSE's, teenager James Smith still manage to impressed Simon and the rest of the judges on the ITV talent show.

He is not even old enough to take his GCSE's, but teenager James Smith manage to do the almost impossible thing on Britain's Got Talent on Saturday, impressing Simon Cowell. The mop haired 15-year-old from Upminster impressed the judges with his rendition of Nina Simone's Bird's Flying High, but confessed in front of the camera that his goal wasn’t to impress anyone on the ITV talent competition. James simply claimed that he joined the show not because he wants to perform in front of the Queen, but simply to make his parents proud of him. He claimed that the feeling that he gets from that is best one that he has. The teenager talked about how he loves spending his time with his family. He also revealed that he had just turned 15 and celebrate it with his nan eating cake. Judge Amanda Holden asked: 'did you have a party? did you not even have a pizza?' He answered honestly: 'no I just sat in with my nan, no I didn't have pizza, just a bit of cake' When he sang the song Birds Flying High by Nina Simone, the floppy haired teenager not only impressed the crowds, but also the judges as he receives a standing ovation from the audience after his performance. Alesha was the first to give her praises: 'the intro was spot on, you've got a really soulful voice. You're a popstar in the making as Louis Walsh would say' David said: 'you have just got this incredible charisma, being able to hold an audience in the palm of your hand like that is an incredible talent' Simon got impressed and says, 'Wow, that was fantastic James, I was nervous, but you gave it a completely new twist, it was one of my favourite auditions so far' Other performer that night that got the four thumbs up was Lettice Rowbotham who impressed the judges and the audience, with her performance with her electric violin. Before her performance, she said: 'I am too hungover to be nervous, which I think is great!' David gave the biggest surprised of the night when he press the golden button for Christian Spridon, who performed Tom Jones' Sex Bomb with a lot of bravado wearing a blue tartan blazer and calf high brown boots. Everyone was shocked at that. Recently, David got a lot of criticism on her Twitter account because of that. Pressing the gold button gives Christian a lifeline. The other judges were shocked that David save him from eviction. Simon got annoyed and didn’t want to talk to David that night.
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