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Maine Psychich will be having her new TV show - Monroe has been a psychic for more than 15 years of which she does paid readings and and performs public demonstrations in Maine and the rest of the country. She also has a job as the regular psychic of Portland radio station WJBQ (97.9 FM)

When a TV show called Melissa Collins to feature their case on the hit true-crime TV show, she was skeptical at first, but the staff of the show told her that she and her brother will be working together with Maine psychic Vicki Monroe. Somehow, Melissa thought that they are up to something that could lead to something about the murder of their mother. Collins explains that she grew up as a Baptist and they are taught not to be leave in psychics. However, this might lead to answers that she has been looking for quite some time. Monroe told her something about her mother like not to speed things up. “Cell Block Psychic” starts at 9 p.m. Monday on the Investigation Discovery cable channel and is set to run for at least three episodes. The one-hour show highlights Monroe investigating into closed murder cases. Though, the case is now close since the killer has been sentence, but family members still want more information. And the most common information that they want is to find out if their love one suffered during the crime. Monroe has been working as a psychic for more than 15 years now. Her work pays her bills around the house. She did appeared regularly on Portland radio station WJBQ (97.9 FM) during morning drive time, doing readings on the phone. To film the new show, Monroe had traveled around the country to visit family members in their homes and inmates in prison. The show is centered on fact that Monroe can see and talk to dead people. In the introduction, the narrator tells viewers that she has help solve the case of Amy St. Laurent. St. Laurent was a 25-year-old woman that disappeared from Portland’s Old Port in 2001, and whose body was found in Scarborough. The case was solved as the Jeffrey “Russ” Gorman was convicted of the murder and sentenced to 60 years in prison. Detective Joseph Loughlin, said that Monroe input did not lead to breaks in the case, but she was able to tell them something about the investigation and the suspect that gave them the idea on who committed the murder. Loughlin added that the psychic stimulate his way of thing to solve the case. Monroe says she knows how other people see her because they don’t think that talking with dead people is possible. She insisted that she can see dead people anywhere, any time of day. Adding that those people who has a different dialect when they were leaving is communicating with her in English since they know that she can only understand English.
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