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Ferne McCann unveils her dream - Ferne McCann works hard so it wasn't a surprise that she already successful in the realm of business too at a young age. She is only 23-year-old right now, but she already embarked on her second collection with online retailer Lasula.

Ferne McCann is one of the hardest workers in the showbiz industry so it inevitable for her to become successful in the realm of business too. She is only 23-year-old right now, but she already embarked on her second collection with online retailer Lasula. In an interview with The Daily Star, Fern enlightened them about her jump from reality show star to fashion designer. The spring/summer ranges go along with Ferne's taster last year when she teamed with the brand for their winter collection. Ferne claimed that she we wished she had more time, so her new creation, but it was in a sort of rush. She admitted that she doesn’t have the knowledge like that of Victoria Beckham when it comes to fashion, but she is interested enough to take the path of fashion. She also talked about her positive self-esteem, and why she motivates people to become true to themselves, Ferne said she feel awkward growing up as a teen since she was taller than most of her peers. So, whenever someone would say to her that they want to be like her, she would replied “Embrace yourself.” Each one got their flaws and she certainly got her own. She confessed that she admires those people that can be sexy all the time, but she have to work with what she got. People got their own beauty, they just don’t see it. She then illustrates the five of them in the ITV reality show, TOWIE. Each of them is different, yet they are confident about themselves. She remembers when she was doing I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! NOW! that she was the most glamorous in the set. Adding that Laura Whitmore was also glamorous, but she likes to do her thing. She does like to dress up and her mum likes to take picture of her while wearing heels and dresses. Finally, when she talked about her life in the limelight, Ferne admitted she feels this is all new to her. Adding that she was able to do three series of TOWIE, Sam has been doing it since day one. Everyone is aware of her past relationships as she has given her whole life on the show. Talking about the scandalous headlines of James Lock cheating on Danielle Armstrong, Ferne isn't claimed that the two of them are a couple and they should work on it. She herself made some mistake in the past as she rushes things with Charlie and now they are only getting back on track.
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