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Simon Cowell blames ex-Judge Gary Barlow for the slump in rating - Simon puts the blame of Gary on why the UK version of X Factor is on a slump, in terms of rating. Simon intend to bring back the former glory of the talent show by bringing back his old team.

Simon Cowell blames former X Factor head judge Gary Barlow for the slump in rating of the talent show. Barlow was the replacement head judge when Cowell went into the US to work on the Fox network show. In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: 'Gary was seen as the head judge - and so am I. I do believe I am the best person at spotting a potential star and making them work well on the show. That is what I am good at doing, not being a big-mouth on the show. It is making the show I am on better.' The forthright attitude of Gary served as an adequate transition from the equally forthright Cowell, which saw the drop of rating during his three series tenure – with last year’s final, won by former prison officer Sam Bailey, watched by 9.7 million, its lowest viewing figure since 2005. Simon believes that returning to the show would boost the rating of the talent show. He thinks that pop stars won’t be a good judge since they are afraid that their talents overshadowing them. A record executive would likely the best candidate for the job since they are always on the lookout for more talents. An artist wouldn’t be a good judge since they are focusing on their career and not on finding new talents. In an interview with The Mirror, he said: 'The truth is -- and I am not being rude -- I wouldn't hire Gary to run my record label. Essentially that is what you are doing with The X Factor judging panel. But if Gary and I were running a record label we would do it in a different way.' Aside from returning to the show, he had brought back former judge Cheryl Cole back into the fold – and with good reason. Cole was the first one to spot the talent in Cher Lloyd. Though, she is a celebrity, she seems to focus more on finding other talents and help them to become better. The mogul also wants to bring back long-term judge Louis Walsh, who is said to leave the show at the end of the series. Adding that he already tried to run the show without him and it didn’t work out. Walsh has the talent to make long boring conversation fun than it really is. Cole and Walsh would simply bring back the fun in the talent show.
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