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Alex Mytton cheating on his girlfriend is the talk of the town - Alex Mytton became the talk of the town as he was rumored cheating on his girlfriend, Binky Falstead. Everyone was buzz up to find that Alex slept with another girl.

Alex Mytton was shocked as he got forced to think on his feet since Made In Chelsea returned for a seventh series on Monday evening. He got into a difficult conversation with her girlfriend Binky Felstead after being given the heads up by the wise friend Spencer Matthews, who phoned him up while he was have a time out with Jamie Laing. 'There’s some rumour flying around that you slept with someone else basically, and I wanted to tell you before it got back to Binky,' as said by Spencer. So, when Alex talked to Binky, he was already calm and know what is to talk about, he said: ‘There’s a rumour going around that I’ve been unfaithful to you.' In shocked she replied: ‘Is there any truth in that?’ Alex denied the rumor and that he wouldn’t do that. Binky thought that her boyfriend was dunk that night, thus, he can’t remember a thing. Alex then said that he only remember a few, but Binky wasn’t convinced. In the meantime, Binky and Spencer had the Miami misadventure on their minds at some point of a country drive. Spencer told Binky about the girl that her boyfriend met the other day. Binky then replied that she doesn’t want to push Alex into a situation. Next was Spencer talking with his pal Andy Jordan – and Alex was once again the topic of conversation. He noted that he was bummed out about the idea that Alex is cheating with her girlfriend. Adding that he don’t want to make it his business, but Binky would be hurt for sure.’ At Marylebone café Iberica, Lucy was talking to Jamie’s situation with Spencer and Andy, fresh from their jaunt in the country. She claimed that she doubt that Jamie is sincere whenever he said “I love you.” Adding that she saw him yesterday, telling everyone that he loves every people he met. Jamie was talking to Ollie Locked, they were discussing the situation with Alex rumored fling with a girl. Adding that when there is smoke, there is sure fire nearby and Binky might not have a clue. Afterward, he drink a wine with his friend Spencer at the Buddha Bar, and his bromance with Andy was the first topic on the agenda. ‘You like Andy?’ said Jamie cautiously. Spencer said: ‘Yeah, why?’ ‘He completely f**ked you over at every opportunity,’ replied Jamie. Their next topic was Jamie’s fondness to overuse a certain term, with Spencer offering: ‘Do you not think you throw the love term around a little bit? Whenever you’re left alone with a fit bird you say you love her. ‘
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