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TLC set to release a TV show featuring women of the law - Several women police officers will be featured in the show as they juggle their life between their life and their job. The said show will let people know that lady cops are just normal -- normal life and a job.

It is already past midnight, but Cincinnati Police Detective Jenny Luke is still awake as she plans on investigating the city’s latest murder. For her slipping out of the bed late at night is just normal as she does that all the time to make room for her job after attending to her kids. The 20-year old police veteran and married mother of two sons will be featured in TLC’s “Women of Homicide” series that will premiere on Wednesday (9 p.m., TLC). Appearing in another episode is fellow homicide Detective Jennifer Mitsch, who calls on her two kids from a crime scene at dinner time, saying: “Would you like me to get a sitter to help out tonight? I don’t know how late I’ll be. Did you get your homework done?” The two will be part of a long forgotten series that follows the lives of police officers at work and at home. The title of the series was “Police Women of Cincinnati,” but the new series has a new working title to accommodate other interesting women that aren’t from Cincinnati in the line of fire. The new show will feature how law officers can juggle their time between work and family – depending on the situation. The network claimed that only 15 percent of the nation’s homicide investigators are women. The show will showcase the women can also be a respected officer of the law. They deal with everyday problems being a mother while working as a law officer at the same time. Though the title of the show is “Women of Homicide,” there are male co-workers at work there. The fugitive task force, SWAT team, forensic video experts and at least 10 officers is set to make an appearance on the show to help the women solve the crime on national TV. In an interview, Mitch says: “Nothing we ever do is solo,” while Luke says the “public doesn’t understand how much teamwork and knowledge we have in the department.” The cameras will concentrate on Luke and her partner, Detective David Gregory during the whole filming, but what viewers won’t probably realize is that Gregory is her lifetime partner. On one episode, Gregory was seen giving Luke a candy bar because she wasn’t able to eat the whole day. Later, Luke can be seen talking t someone on the phone, saying: “Don’t eat a lot of junk food. I’m going to come home and make dinner, OK?” “Women of Homicide” will also bares the frustration of officers whenever they encounter witnesses that simple don’t cooperates. On TV dramas, “you see the cases solved in an hour. More typical is that we interview people and for their own reasons they will not be a witness when we know they were a witness,” as stated by Luke.
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