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New Children TV show is inspired from a real island - A children's TV show aren't real, therefore, we can expect that anything there isn't real. They are only make believe and that is why they are called TV show, or are they? A new children TV show comes from the creative mind of Joanne Carmichael, who got her inspiration for the TV show when she spent some time in a real island.

Most TV characters are created from the creative mind of its writer, while some of them are just made – up, there are some that are inspired by a real thing. Lily’s Driftwood Bay was from the creative mind of artist Joanne Carmichael, who moved to the Scottish island seven years ago. The TV show has an impressive casts as it include QI’s Stephen Fry, Scottish actor Peter Mullan, (stars in two Harry Potter films), and actress Jane Horrocks. The pre-school cartoon is about Lily, a seven year old girl who lives in a beach hut on the shore with her Dad. Together with her best friend Gull, they embark on an adventure on their way to Driftwood Bay. There, they gather together with the rest of the casts of colourful inhabitants. The series has been funded around £2.5million and was created by Belfast-based TV production company Sixteen South comes from the creative mind of artist Joanne Carmichael. Jim Henson Company has the rights to distribute the series over to over 100 countries by the end of the year. In 1997, Joanne bought a cottage in Arran near the university in Aberdeen to study Theology. While she was there, she was inspired to create beach salvage characters using materials coming from pottery, driftwood and other items endemic on the island. After spending lots of months in the island, she was finally to come up with the idea of the “Beach Fragment Dog.” Soon other characters were created like birds, trees, flowers and other characters. Joanne said: “I just started scribbling down ideas for a children’s story inspired by my own creative journey. “I am a trained artist and I love mixed media. “I created this story about a wee girl Lily who lived in a beach hut, who made characters from beach salvage. Soon, there were a whole team of designers and artists have that created environments and props that are made from beach salvage. The majority of the objects come from the isle of Arran. Some famous actors soon joins the TV show like Game of Thrones’ Richard Dormer voices Lily’s Dad, Mullan voices Salty Dog the sailor while Stephen Fry plays Lord Stag, a deer with ‘a taste for the finer things in life.’ Other characters are Annette Crosbie plays Nonna Dog, Tameka Empson plays train-driving Hatsie Hen and Father Ted’s Ardal O’Hanlon voices a bull called Bull. Lily has been voiced by Belfast schoolgirl Orlagh O’ Keefe.
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