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Alesha Dixon makes sure that REAformed make it through the next round - Everyone was shocked when Alesha Dixon press the golden button to send the group to the next round. The act makes sure that group goes into the next round, even though, they look promising enough to go there anyway.

Nobody expected what Alesha Dixon have done in Britain's Got Talent on Saturday night as she makes sure that the group REAformed makes it through by pressing her Golden Buzzer. The show judge presses the buttons despite things are looking bright for the trio. There is a big chance that they might go to the next round of the ITV show anyway. However, it seems that Alesha want to make sure they got through after being criticized by her fellow panellists David Walliams and Simon Cowell for telling one of the girls in the trio to focus her attention on education and not on music, the first time that they met. The group goes to the stage with the intention of impressing Alesha because they picture themselves like Mis-Teeq, the group Alesha shot to fame with. One of the girls then confessed she had met Alesha before and revealed the star and told them what Alesha Told her that time to concentrate on education first' prior to pursuing her career in the music industry but to keep plugging away. Upon hearing that, Simon and David mocked the singer for giving such advice. The trio then impressed the panel of judges and the audience with an energetic song and afterwards David joked: 'Alesha, are you sticking to your original advice?' Amanda said: 'I think we've found something special here.' Simon agreed that their voice need some work, but gave them a yes which was followed by Alesha leaning over her desk and unexpectedly pressing her Golden Buzzer. The act means REAformed don’t need the vote as they were going straight through to the next round, but it seemed that such action isn’t necessary as the trio would have advance on their own anyway. Alesha then said: 'I started out in a girl group and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Mis-Teeq.' Simon added: 'That was amazing but now you've got to live up to Alesha's potential. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Good luck' Alesha said: 'That just felt right. They're the best girl group I've seen in a while.' There are other acts that also wowed everyone on the show that includes supermarket worker Eva Iglesias, 40, who burst into tears when she was put through to the next round. Swing boy band Jack Pack, Adam, 28, Alfie, 24, Andrew, 32, Shaun, 32, also manage to get to the next round with their sublime performance of Frank Sinatra's That's Life. Dancer Kieran Lai, 17, got through the next round and even has Simon impressed. Simon later claimed that the teenager is one of the best he have seen so far.
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