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Late Night Show hosts makes fun of Ford - Ford is the talk of the town nowadays since his alleged video tape, wherein he was caught smoking cocaine in his sister's house. Not one, but most of the late night talk show host seems to be making fun of him.

Late-night American talk-show hosts make fun of Rob Ford and the controversies surrounding him on Thursday night. However, it seems that some of the hosts are sincere in wishing him well as he checks into rehab for substance abuse problems. Jimmy Kimmel has a relationship with Ford before, but joke Ford never seem to notice that he is always recorded. “He needs professional help, he needs amateur help, he can go see a witch doctor . . . get help, anything,” as said by Kimmel. Kimmel added that he felt like Ford is part of the show, saying: “For us, this is an HR issue.” Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, sets aside nearly five minutes of his show to Ford, but acted like he wasn’t interested at the news that Ford was video tape allegedly smoking crack cocaine. “As far as announcements go, this is not very surprising,” as stated by Stewart. But, when asked about the issue that ford entered the rehab, Stewart shot up and spit out his water. “Yes! That is a wonderful surprise,” Stewart exclaimed, “Rob Ford going to rehab is number one on the list of things I thought would never happen.” Stewart only speaks again when the news about a certain drug dealer trying to blackmail Ford about selling the alleged video for six figures. “I’m kind of surprised I have to explain this to a drug dealer, but let me explain supply and demand,” Stewart lectured. “When you have a lot of an item, like bananas or socks, or videos of Rob Ford smoking crack, price tends to drop. If you want to make six figures, you want a video of something rare, like Justin Bieber stopping a bratty kid from being a public nuisance.” David Letterman is another host that seems to be fascinated with Ford as he even devoted his Top 10 list to Ford under the heading “Top 10 reasons Rob Ford is taking a leave of absence.” The number one reason? ‘‘The great ones always know when to leave on top.” Aside from that, he also played a short video playing on the word “crack” against a backdrop of still images of Ford. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, talks about the news reports that the mayor was videotape as he was smoking crack cocaine in his sister’s basement. “We have to say allegedly,” joked Fallon, “because he doesn’t really know whose basement it was.” “We’ve done a lot of Rob Ford jokes in the past, but we’re glad that he’s getting some help. They have TVs in rehab, so if you’re watching this Mayor Ford, we hope that some of these jokes cheer you up,” Fallon said.
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