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Cody might be elminated from Dancing with the Stars, but he isn't sad about it - For Cody, getting eliminated from the dancing competition isn't the end of his dream as he is just starting with his dream. He had posted a few photo on his social media account with the caption - WORK.

Getting eliminated from the hit dancing competition, Dancing With The Stars in mid-April, doesn’t put a frown on Australian singer Cody Simpson for so long as he can bounce back and prove that he is a winner. He is returning back to his roots to work on to work on some new music. The 17-year-old blonde musician posted on Twitter on Tuesday, sharing a selfie of himself while working in the studio, with the caption 'STUDIO'. Based on the picture, he was seriously working like a rock star as he opted for a brown fedora hat, silver chain and dark sunglasses. Along with attired is his statement accessories with a black t-shirt, and ensured that his signature blonde fringe that will surely make his female fans to drool over. Cody might be planning to take his music to a new direction as he is eager to keep his followers in the loop. Meanwhile, it seems that he isn’t finished posting some selfie photo as he posted another two snaps on social media, with one, revealing his team members behind the scenes that are helping make his vision come true. ‘The 3 points of the triangle. new project. new vision. @cjbaran @andrew50watt @codysimpson,’ Cody captioned the photo, wherein he is seen talking to his crew. The three of them was surrounded by their musical instrument in the background. On the third picture, Cody poise with his sunglasses on and sported the shades once again. To make things a little exciting, pose in a squat position and look up at the camera with an oversized extravagant chandelier light that hovers over his head. Just last month when Cody got eliminated from ABC’s Dancing With The Stars together with dancing partner Witney Carson after they performed a samba routine to the Lion King hit 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King'. Though, the signer was sad about the fact that he got booted off the competition, he was happy to go back to his first love – music. 'Thanks to all my fans who voted. I love you all! now it's time to get back to my day job making music. big things planned,' Cody tweeted after he was booted out of the competition. He is also happy about the viral success of his new musical video online. There he was singing along with his dream girl on a surfboard, and to transfer his soulful message to the small screen, Cody called upon real life girlfriend Gigi Hadid, 18, to star in the music video. Cody and Gigi showed how they love one another on the screen and from the looks of things, it got a little steamy. Cody and his fiancé were kissing in the said video. Cody shared that they were still kissing every time the director tells them ‘cut.’
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