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SYTYCD's winner is a teenager - Dameski got voted as Australia’s favourite dancer and beat runner-up Lauren Seymour in a blockbuster finale on Channel 10. The kid was expecting it, but he manage to win the show. He claimed that he can confirm it to a bicycle marathon since all his hardships for three months finally paid off.

Nobody expected that an 18-year-old from Yagoona, Dameski got voted as Australia’s favourite dancer and beat runner-up Lauren Seymour in a blockbuster finale on Channel 10. Dameski was still amazed as the fireworks ignited over his head, the promise of what the kid can expect from winning the show started to unfold. First, his 20 teammates were praise for their outstanding performance, which include fellow grand finalists Jay Jones, of NSW and Renelle Jones of Bundaberg, QLD, all of which hcanted his name in a scene straight out of teen musical, Glee. Next, he will get the $100,000 prize money and the chance to work with judge Jason Gilkison’s acclaimed dance production, Burn the Floor, touring the US and Europe. On interview with News Corp Australia, he told them he wanted to go to Hollywood and hope to secure an agent that will help him build his curriculum vitae. This is a dream come true for him as he knows that this is his stepping stone to fame and fortune. He said that the experience has changed his life. Though, he wasn’t expecting to win the show, he has learned a lot of things, which he knows will help him every step of the way to his dream. The magic of the show is to be recognized by people who will never knew you if you never joined the show. Last week was the triple threat, which offered his calling card in the form of his phenomenal dance-for-your-life solo that unexpectedly went viral and was retweeted by industry luminaries including SYTYCD creator Nigel Lythgoe who claimed that it was one of the best base on the hhystory of the show. Abdul said: “I knew Michael would win. He’s fearless and ferocious. His commitment to excellence was evident throughout the competition. His performances were like a spotlight at a Hollywood premiere, drawing our attention like a pack of paparazzi.” Every time the show discover such extraordinary talent makes you wonder why does it got a low rating in the first place. Over the past months, the show did some schedule changes to combat the low rating. So far, there are no talks about next season, but the blockbuster finale, which feature guest musical performances from Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith — plus big band dance numbers choreographed by Gilkison and former judge Matt Lee made for an epic farewell. A final thumbs up if for the show’s outstanding executive producer, Julie Ward who has taken care of the show as if it were her child.
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