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Syco Entertainment, T-Mobile US and SFX want to create the next reality show - Syco Entertainment, T-Mobile US and SFX are working together to create the new reality show that will feature some of the best DJs in town. All of the three company believe that partnering with one another is the best thing that they have done.

Syco Entertainment and T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) are planning on creating a reality show that will produce the next EMC DJ/producer talent. The show will be called "Ultimate DJ" and is developed by the Simon Cowell-led Syco Entertainment, a well-known music, film and television production company and SFX, the largest global producer of live events and digital entertainment content focused exclusively on electronic music culture (EMC) and other world-class festivals. Joining them is the fastest growing U.S. wireless company, T Mobile to create something new for the viewers. Today, it is recognize that the electronic music is the fastest growing music genre, with the EMC market valued at $4.5 billion. SFX streams around one billion minutes of video every 90 days from its media sites, which include Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Mysteryland, Sensation and Rock in Rio. For the first time, the music event competition will feature producer-challenges where DJs will be invited while they submit recordings for fan voting via social media. After that, the competition will move on to live challenges and performances in SFX event venues, integrating next-generation production design from SFX partner companies. Robert FX Sillerman, Chairman & CEO of SFX Entertainment, Inc. claimed that their goal is to bring EM to the world, building a TV franchise is just part of the strategy. He admitted getting excited on working with Simon Cowell, and his company Syco organization as they believe that it is the perfect partner. Partnering with T-Mobile US. is a great opportunity as John is the most exciting CEO of this generation. All of them share the vision of challenging the status quo and pioneering new territory in business, media and entertainment. Simon Cowell of SYCO Entertainment said that the concept is always there and partnering with SFX gave them the edge. Collaborating with SFX help them in finding the best up-and-coming DJs, also the fact that, they have a great marketing platform in building DJ talent. T-Mobile share their brilliant vision and innovation. John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile that they are in the process of revolutionizing wireless to empower customers everywhere. Partnering with Syco and SFX gave them the edge in promoting a fresh, new generation of DJ/producer talent. Their customers like to spend most of their time on listening to listening to music on their devices, so they are taking entertainment and music to the next level. Kelly Belledegrun, Senior Syco Producer added that the new reality show will represent a visual and musical revolution and showcasing it to the world with their partners will make it even more exciting.
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