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Reality star was shot while attending his mother's funeral service - Bensino was gun down by his own nephew while he was attending the funeral service of his mother on Saturday. Relatives have known the the two have bad blood between them for years' now and on Saturday, the nephew exploded and shot his uncle.

The reality TV star Benzino was shot while he was attending his mother’s funeral service after a heated argument with one of his relatives Saturday in Massachusetts. Born Raymond Scott, was a renowned rapper and a the former owner of the premiere hip hop magazine The Source got wounded when was arguing with his nephew in the funeral procession to make its way through the streets of Duxbury just before noon. Police came and arrested Benzino's nephew, 36-year-old Gai Scott, who was accused of shooting his own uncle. Sources said that the suspect pulls out his gun in his car, which is next to Benzino's red Dodge SUV and opened fire, hitting him three times. The hip hop artist-turned-cast member of the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was immediately taken and attended to South Shore Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, the station WHDH reported. His condition is far from danger. Relatives claimed that the two are always arguing about something for a long time now. The hostility came after the two got in a heated argument while the rapper’s mom was being buried, who died on March 20. Standbys, heard gunfire at Route 3 southbound near Exit 11 in Duxbury at 11.55am. Afterwards, the funeral procession resumed, which ends at St Peter's Church in Plymouth shortly before noon. Father William Williams, who did the over the ceremony, claimed that he see blood the vehicles in the funeral cortege. ‘I said to one of the guys, “There's blood on the hearse,”’ as stated by the clergyman. Gai Scott is accused of armed assault and intent to murder. His indictment is scheduled to take place on Monday in Plymouth District Court. Last week, Benzino posted a picture of him with his late mother, talking about how much he loves him and misses her. He even noted that he don’t know how to continue living now that his mother is gone. Benzino had started The Source magazine in 1988. A decade later, he joined the rap collective Made Men, and was pitted against Eminem for more than a decade because they share the same passion – rap. Since 2012, the 48-year-old rapper is one of the stars of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, which started on VH1 that year as a spinoff of Love and Hip Hop New York. The reality show is about the lives of more than a dozen local hip hop artists. The third season of the program is set to premiere in May.
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