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Young people vying to be part of the reality show 'Real World' - Men and women in their early 20's are vying to be included in the show. Some of them are even older than the age requirement, claiming that they look just in their early 20's.

For most people, getting caught in the camera is the most embarrassing situation for them, but for those vying at a spot at the upcoming season of MTV's "The Real World", nothing is more important than to be featured on the show. Like most hopefuls, J.D. Collins had been a long time fan of the show, and would want to be part of the show, 'Real World.' "There was substance there compared with the reality shows today where it's the baby mommas of basketball players, hip hop stars," Collins said. "When we were younger, we lived through these people, like diverse people — gay, straight, black — in a house together, fighting." The requirement for the show is that you are 20 to 24 years old. At 27, or at least looks in their early 20’s if your age is not within the allowable age. During the interview session, he cited that he knew exactly what producers wanted to hear. "You gotta sell that drama, that controversy," he said. "That's what they're looking for." Most of the people vying for a shot at the show are wild and aren’t ashamed in telling their sexual escapades in front of the camera. Oba Daniels, 20, claimed that he was asked some basic questions like his age, his name, where he's from and the most "scandalous" thing they've ever done. "That was the cool part," Daniels said. "Everybody around the table did porn or were escorts or strippers, so it was interesting." Daniels noted that he grew up watching the show when he was just a boy. Now, he wants to take part of the show. He remembered watching some of his favorite "Real World" roommates. Tami Roman, who wasn’t part of the show now as she is in "Basketball Wives." For 32-year-old Bianca Armstrong, nothing is more desirable than Teck Holmes, from "The Real World: Hawaii" season. "His ass was crazy," she said. "I think he's frickin' awesome." Like most people at the casting call, Armstrong know what she could expect from the show if ever she was chosen to be among the new cast mates of the TV show. "I'd be like the dominatrix that makes everybody do what the f--- I say," she said, smiling. "I'm the crazy girl." Armstrong claimed that she want to be in a reality TV show because it will enable her to do something different that she would enjoy.
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