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South Carolina residents don't like the new reality show - Bravo network got a reality show about the people that don't want to grow old. Unfortunately, the locals didn't like the show because it depicts the truth about their town.

Bravo TV's new reality show "Southern Charm," the show that promises to reveal the fountain of youth. Well something like that since the men there don’t want to grow up. People have been raising eyebrows in the refined city prior to its premier on Monday night. The show is about six wealthy, single, hard-partying local "aristocrats," which include Thomas Ravenel, a polo-playing former South Carolina politician and state treasurer. The guy comes from a prominent family that settled in the Lowcountry around Charleston in the late 1600s, Ravenel, 51, is a proud son of a former politician and got his millions because of hard-work. Some locals aren’t happy with show because they think that it won’t show the true life of the people in the city. Prioleau Alexander, 51, a marketer and advertiser who lives in nearby Mount Pleasant and is a friend of Ravenel, said the show sounds like an exercise in narcissism. Alexander noted that the people in the show would just embarrass the city as they would just drink all day and people would see them as all drunk. Ravenel said that they don’t represent the city. Ravenel is the owner of a plantation on Edisto Island, south of Charleston, and is a member of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. He was once a politician that resigned from his office when he got charged with cocaine charges and was sent to prison in 2008. Bravo network claimed that the casts are composed of bachelors who don’t like the idea of getting married, which is something that Peter Pan did in the Disney movie. Fortunately for them, they got their girlfriends that want them to settle down. The series is about local politics and business, as well as love affairs, with family reputations at stake. Bravo noted that when in Charleston, you are only good as your last garden party and one social screw-up can taint generations to come. Some Charleston residents opposed the show and have taken their sentiments to Facebook to express what they think. One guy wrote that they need to stop the show from being shown in public by disrupting the shooting in public places. Charlie James, a local radio personality said that the show doesn’t represent the town. A local newspaper hosts a viewing party at a local pizza joint. Stephanie Barna, reporter for the newspaper wrote on Twitter an invitation to write hash tag using the keyword #charmageddon."
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