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American Idol is not yet bankrupt - American Idol is one of the first talent show that produces many talents and it is still producing more talents. Recently a report stated that the show is close to bankruptcy because of the amount the show is paying Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest.

American idol is already 13 years old and most people are thinking that it is about to go out of the limelight since most old show does that. However, that isn’t the case with this one as it is still among the top earning talent show in the industry. There are speculations that “Idol” might lose some money for the first time in its history this season. Such reports have something to do with $15 million salaries the show pays host Ryan Seacrest and judge Jennifer Lopez respectively. The show already loses Simon Cowell, and then there is the controversy between the former judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. What is even worse is that there are lots of shows that are vying for the same timeslot like NBC’s “The Voice” and other talent shows that seem to be coming out of nowhere. It is true that “Idol” isn’t generating money like it did back in 2005, but the show is still among the top 10 most watched shows on TV. Idol won’t be losing its top major sponsors such as Coke and Ford and there are also some other sponsors that are paying a huge sum to be featured on the show. Of course, that will amount to something that can afford the likes of J’Lo, Seacrest and anyone under their payroll. Last season, there was a certain downward trend, but still the show manages to rake in $836 million in ad revenue. Last season they need to pay an amount $168 million for the production and the combined salaries of Seacrest and J.Lo’s, which amounted to $30 million in combined salaries. Take that of the income that they make last year and you will still see a huge sum of money. Truly, that makes the show a money machine. A source said that you also need to consider the ‘halo ¬effect’ the show has on the rest of the company.” That makes “Idol” still among the main income sources for Fox, which uses the big platform to instantly plug its other shows throughout each broadcast. According to Mike Darnell, the network’s former reality chief, the way that “Idol” was designed could make it profitable until 2016. And that is despite the 12% lost of its audience. Indeed it is true, but it won’t have that much effect the Fox talent show. That means that even if it is already old, “Idol” could still bring in a huge cash for the producers of the show.
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