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Suburgatory - Suburgatory does come across initially as the average TV show. As usual, a girl moves from the city and into the suburbs.

Suburgatory does come across initially as the average TV show. As usual, a girl moves from the city and into the suburbs. Of course, she is confused, she does not know where she stands and she is feeling extremely vulnerable. Personally, the plot is fairly weak, although the show is actually quite catchy and a lot of viewers will find themselves wanting to watch multiple episodes of Suburgatory one after another. That being said, aside from the fairly basic plot, there is not really much bad that can be said about the new Suburgatory TV series. One thing is for sure, the director knows what they are doing. Although the plot is fairly dry, the series starts off and carries on to be written at a high level, not to mention offering viewers the chance to have plenty of laughs. The great thing about Suburgatory is that it has excellent balance in almost everything. Although a lot of campness is incorporated into the show, there is enough to the story line to keep people entertained throughout. The lead role is Jane Levy, which is an excellent character in the show. Alongside her is Jeremy Sisto is the Dad and actually comes across as the cool type. That being said, a lot of people were surprised when he was announced as the actor to play the Dad role in the show based on his past experience. Dallas Royce is also one to watch and certainly plays a great character. These three characters together help to build a story and a truly great show at the same time. The show is actually quite contradictory. The basis of the show is to actually make digs at those that live in the suburbs. That being said, at the same time, these people making the digs are actually wishing that they lived there themselves, which is quite strange but sometimes in life, this does actually happen. What the story line of Suburgatory tends to focus on is the difference between people that are actually brought up and therefore raised in different ways. This show just proves that an area is not a mould of someone, but instead, their upbringing is. Suburgatory is not the average comedy, but it is one that plenty of people are going to enjoy. Expect this show to increase in popularity and be around for a long time, especially as more and more great reviews are released.
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