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Hell on Wheels - Hell on Wheels is a show that a lot of people did not really think they would understand, let alone watch.

Hell on Wheels is a show that a lot of people did not really think they would understand, let alone watch. Since its release, it has actually got some extremely good press, which has led to a huge increase in popularity. The main thing that people did not really understand was why it was set so far in the distant past. Set in the 1860s, Hell on Wheels is certainly not going to be for everyone. Being set in the 1860s is certainly not a bad thing though. The script is based on a solider who is an ex confederate and called Cullen Bohannan. The quest for this solider is to get revenge, which has take him all the way to the Rail Roads of Union Pacific. He is helping to construct the first Transcontinental Railway in the world. This might seem like a fairly boring plot and script, but there is certainly a lot more too it than this, which is what a lot of people are not understanding. Many that have watched Hell on Wheels have suggested that this is one of the best shows that has been released over the last few years. ABC have certainly done a great job from top to bottom. Obviously one of the most difficult things to replicate are the costumes. They have done a truly perfect job when it comes to outfitting their actors and it almost feels like the viewer is actually there, and everything is a reality. A lot of the praise has to go to the director. The combination of costume design, the quality of the actors, the camera angles and the “to the point” short, sharp scenes certainly helps to make this one of the best shows on the air at the moment. Of course, any viewer that watches an episode of Hell on Wheels will be hooked from the very beginning. Like all good TV series it not only keeps the viewer hooked, but it is actually a show that consistently develops. Overall Hell on Wheels shows some great promise and expect to be seeing more of this show. As this show slowly gets more media coverage and therefore more popular, it is likely to be aired more. To be honest, this could be the best thing for the show as the only thing it is lacking is quantity of aired episodes, which really needs to change!
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