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Hart of Dixie - Hart of Dixie has been out now for a while now and the popularity is varied depending on the viewer.

Hart of Dixie has been out now for a while now and the popularity is varied depending on the viewer. The story of Hart of Dixie basically focuses on a New York, who tends to think she is the best on the block. Zoe Hart is now a doctor and certainly seems to at least think she knows what she is doing. Why shouldn't she? After all she did graduate at the very top of her class and her family has a track record in the industry, with her Dad being a cardio based surgeon. So what happened? Her dreams do not pan out in reality exactly how she thought they might do. Instead, her life slowly starts to crumble, and at this point, she accepts what she considers to be a kind offer from a stranger. Dr. Harley Wilkes gives her the offer of coming to work with her on the Gulf Coast, in a fairly small town. Upon arrival, she finds out that he has actually died. The tension and confusion does not stop there though, as Wilkes has actually left 50% of the practice to her! The expectations for a lot of people when it comes to Hart of Dixie have been incredibly low. What people tend to think is that this is a show that is low budget, focusing on acting that is over-exaggerated in order to get a reaction. The reality is that why some parts of the show are not structured in the best way possible, lots of the episodes contain some great scenes which help to build up a great image of Hart of Dixie in the viewers mind, which is why so many people are watching it. The main problem a lot of people have with Hart of Dixie is that the main character is not as good as she could be. Lots of criticism has been given to both Zoe Hart and the production team in terms of the overall character profile. Of course, there are parts of the show where the character is not believable at all but in general, the acting and the character profile is actually quite good. Like many other TV series, this is one that takes time to adapt to. Do not expect to start watching it and instantly feel connected. The reality is that a lot of people take at least 3-4 episodes until they feel like they are really on track with what is going on and then really start to enjoy it.
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