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Tom Jones assure fans that Kilie Monigue will return to The Voice next year - Kylie, recently announced her retirement from The Voice next year. However, Tom Jones claimed that Kylie will return if the management can work around her schedules.

Kylie Minogue is always wary whenever she would get asked if she would ever return to BBC talent show The Voice. But, Judge Sir Tom Jones claimed that she will be back next year. Sir Tom asserted that the singer will return as a judge if the TV bosses can assure her that they will work around her tour dates. In an interview with the Sun, Sir Tom said: 'Yeah, I think she is. If they can work the Voice around her tour dates, she's in.' In the meantime, Kylie noted that she isn’t sure, if she would return to BBC One’s talent show for a second series. Adding that she would return to the show, but it would be difficult for her to return next year because of her commitments. On the April's edition of Goof Housekeeping, she hinted that there is a chance that she would return, she says: 'I really feel like 2014 is the year to reach out... whether that’s The Voice, going on tour or new songs. I just want to deliver and share those things with my audience.' Last month, BBC got a bitter blow when the Australian-born singer announced her retirement next year. The network brought her in to boost the figures of the show, which saw her pulling in more than millions of extra fans for the talent show. In an interview with the Mirror, she was asked if she would return to the BBC talent show, she replied: 'I’m touring this year and the timings wouldn’t work. 'We started filming in November last year for the show and this year I’m on tour in September, October and November. She was also asked if she would return if BBC can adjust their schedules to let her attend to her commitments, she answered: 'I would have to think about it really seriously as I did for this season.' Currently, the diva has a new single that has been sitting in the charts for quite a while now. On the April edition of Good Housekeeping, she noted that getting older would not be a problem for her career and she loves her life. She was then asked about embracing getting older and said: 'When I say out loud I’m 45, I think: "Really? Wait a sec, how? That’s not right!" She continued: 'Internet dating is fantastic and great in general, but I don’t think it’s for me. I certainly couldn’t lie about my age! That’s the classic, isn’t it? Putting up a picture of yourself from 10 years ago…'
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