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Toronto mayor gets his own reality show - A controversial mayor might get his own reality show as he got contacted by a TV network. It is the same network that produces the reality show of Lindsay Lohan and other controversial figures.

According to Globe and Mail , the production company that produces American Chopper and Dirty Jobs talked to Toronto Mayor Rob in hopes of creating a reality show. The mayor was contacted while he was visiting Los Angeles last month for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! It is the same company that created Ghost Hunters, Girl Meets Cowboy and Wicked Tuna. “I’m writing because I’m interested in speaking with you and Mayor Ford about the possibility of developing an unscripted television project together,” an executive of the studio wrote to the mayor’s spokesman at the time, Amin Massoudi, in an e-mail obtained by The Globe. The mayor’s chief of staff, Dan Jacobs, claimed that he didn’t know a thing about the request, and has no clue whether a meeting ever happen. Sémi Aboud, Pilgrim’s vice-president of talent development and casting, told The Globe Friday, “I cannot discuss projects in development” – but would not confirm whether this meant there is a project under development. Still, the mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, had already said that there might be a reality that is cooking. In November, he told the National Post that the mayor has been contacted by everyone. The brother currently has their own YouTube series called Ford Nation. The latest episode, uploaded Friday, feature Councillor Ford as he read “fan letters” to his brother, with the mayor responding, sometimes in Jamaican patois. At an earlier time this year, the mayor was seen in a restaurant using explicit language and rambling in patois was uploaded to YouTube. Still, in another episode of Ford Nation that was uploaded last Friday, Councilor Ford reads a letter from a supporter, saying: “Really Fordsy, shut your office blinds, grab a beer, throw your feet up on top of the desk and kick back.” In response, the mayor says: “Well, I was just going to say it wouldn’t be just one beer, so that’s a problem.” The mayor is the politician that got the attention of Pilgrim Studios. The company is the same one that developed documentary-style programs based on the lives of Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Fleiss and Sarah Palin. Mayor Ford becomes the talk of the town ever since his admission last year to having smoked cracks cocaine “in a drunken stupor.” At an earlier time this week, the Ontario Provincial Police unveiled that they won’t be targeting the mayor since there is not enough evidence.
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