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Agony Aunts/Uncles - Whenever the ABC decides to trash TV it does a good job. This work of lifestyle fluff coming from the creator of Wilfred, who is Adam Zwar is by no means an exception.

Whenever the ABC decides to trash TV it does a good job. This work of lifestyle fluff coming from the creator of Wilfred, who is Adam Zwar is by no means an exception. It is quite a cute companion piece that goes along with Agony Uncles (dating advice series). It plays into the many diversely different experiences of up-front subjects resulting in an overview of tongue-in-cheek takes on the game of love, and it all comes from a feminine perspective. It's true that all women hold some important knowledge concerning love issues and experience such as the first date, first kiss, and things you should never tell a beau. The recollections of Mirka Mora's boudoir are among the most shocking by far. This whole show could easily have been carried by Judith Lucy (a marvelously dry character) who shares such dating tips as "just get yourself drunk and then sleep together". There are some exquisite types of old Hollywood montages illustrating some very delicate concepts. The main premise of this newly introduced ABC 6-part series is quite never talk about anything so what is a poor inexperienced boy/girl to do? How can he/she know the proper way of asking out an attractive young boy or girl out? When should he move in for the first kiss? Zwar totally brings together a very broad cross-section of verbally gifted Aussie women and men just to talk about stuff. He brings on board naughty boy and former dry liberal party president John Elliott. Along with Mr. Elliott he also brings in the hysterical Tim Ross (half of Merrick and Russo duo) as well as Brett Tucker from 'McLeod's Daughters. This group cannot help but be outrageously funny and a hilariously entertaining way of spending a Wednesday night. There is lots of interlacing footage throughout the show depicting men doing men stuff like climbing mountains, drinking at pubs, giving pretty women the eye in nightclubs, and drooling over old 70's model panel vans that are all decked out. These types of episodes are all divided up into helpful chapters. One night could be about how to be 'A Single Man' and the next could be 'How to overcome the fear of rejection'. Then you get to witness one man after another, all handsome and successful as well as clever and funny, opening up and talking about how difficult it can be to approach men or women that have caught their eyes. Chapter One - Josh Lawson is one actor who acknowledges bravely that he would much rather be improvising before crowds of 1000 people than suffer through asking out one woman he met in a bar. Adam Elliott (Oscar-winning Director) cries aloud that since he tends to be going out with men who are far more attractive than himself, then he can console himself in times of rejection with words of wisdom the TV's judge Judy who so eloquently stated....Beauty will fade but dumb is forever. Chapter Two - This could be about 'How to approach somebody you find as very attractive'. That sets the men to talking about 'the pack'. What is meant by the pack is to describe a group of more than two women who obviously put fear and dread into all men's hearts. They disclose the best ways of separating your choice from the pack. It is only the bravest of the brave who will approach the pack in the proper manner. You can approach them from the front but never from behind. The only time you approach from behind is by invitation only. You then proceed only downwind and with extreme caution.
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