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Al Michaels - An American sportscaster, Alan Michaels was born on 12th November, 1944. He is one of the most outstanding and well known, sportscaster ever known.

An American sportscaster, Alan Michaels was born on 12th November, 1944. He is one of the most outstanding and well known, sportscaster ever known. Michael is the most excellent and greatest announcers of play by play NFL games. Al was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, by his father Jay and mother Lila Michaels. Ever since his childhood, he has been a great fan of Brooklyn Dodgers. In year 1958, Al Michael along with his family shifted to California. Alan completed his schooling in Los Angeles from Alexander Hamilton High School. During his school days, he was an active sports person and was a part of both football and baseball teams. In year 1962, he completed his graduation. For doing majors in television and radio, he joined the Arizona State University. From the same university, he did a course in journalism as well. Today, Al is a renowned sports broadcaster; he is famous world wide for the kind of work he did. But he started off, as a small sports writer in a newspaper meant for students. Since television was where he was destined to work, he joined television industry, when Chuck Barris Productions offered him a job. As a sportscaster, he got his first assignment by Los Angeles Lakers, as a PR. At the post of color commentator, he was appointed for 8 games, but was fired at just 4. Precisely, it was in the year 1968, that Al Michaels resumed his work as a sports broadcaster, when he was offered to call the Hawaii Islanders in Pacific coast league. In 1969, he was presented the award of Hawaii's Sportscaster of the year, which was a result of his amazing commentary in a number of baseballs, basketball and football matches in Hawaii. His innings at ABC started off in 1977, with being just a back up announcer for their famous season series Monday Night Baseball. Instantly after a year, he was promoted and became a full time sportscaster for the show. For the next 3 decades, Al Michaels dominated ABC and covered every kind of sports for them. Whether it was ice hockey, golf, horse racing, boxing, basket ball and what not, Al was the chief commentator in all of them. He was even given the opportunity to report the Olympic Games. Al covered many famous leagues and series, his popularity tremendously increased after each game. Among the most leagues, some are, Winter Olympic of year 1980, World Series of 1985, 1986 American league championship series and world series of 1989. When ABC united with ESPN, and John Madden was given the charge of Monday Night Football, he finally left ABC and joined NBC. In 2006, Al started his new term at NBC. He started off with Super Bowl XL111 and continued with several play by play matches. He also announced the Winter Olympics of 2010. He won 5 Emmy awards for Outstanding Sports Personality, 3 NSSA Award from the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association, and American Sportscasters Association and the Washington Journalism Review gave him the 'Sportscaster of the Year Award'. In 1988, he also got his name in Hall of Fame. Al is married to Linda Anne Stamato and has two children. Al along with his family is now residing in California.
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