Allison Morris

Allison Morris Allison Morris was born and raised on Long Island in New York. She attended Our Lady of Mercy Academy and Yale University where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She joined KDKKA-TV in September 2009 as a general assignment reporter.

Her career began as a writer for Wall Street Journal Europe and was based in Paris. She then broke into the broadcast world as a Markets Correspondent at CNBC Paris where she covered the CAC-40 and the French Economics for CNBC Europe. While there, she was at the CNBC wake-Up Call and Squawk Box Programs where she provided pan-European updates.

Her reputation developed and grew in the business community for breaking news and she was among the first journalist to report the buyout of French Telecom by Wanadoo in 2004. She finally made her move to KDKA-TV from WLNY TV-55 where she was a reporter as well as a back-up anchor for NEWS 855 Live at Eleven. Other programs she has anchored include the tri-state news program Connecticut and the New Jersey In-depth.

When she is not investigating news, Allison is an avid sports fan. She loves baseball and hockey, the games she played when she was rowing up and even had the hopes of being a NHL Coach or player a job she considers her dream job but was disappointed since women were not more involved in pro-sports. Her favorite team is the New York Islanders and New York Yankees, the Pirates, Steelers and Penguins.

She is a confident woman who believes that she was born to achieve great things and whose role model is Oprah Winfrey. Her attitude can be seen in the way she handles the stories and news she presents. Her favorite story is the France Telecom Buyout which was one of the largest stories not only in France but in the World. She believes herself to be a people-person, an act that got her to be a journalist in the first place as it enabled her connect with the world around her.

She does not have kids but involves herself in various hobbies including running, wine-tasting as well as cooking and watching sports. Her favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen as it reminds her of her growing-up ages and her favorite author is Ken Follett. For a person who stayed in Paris, she sees the city as a favorite destination.
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