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Byron Allen - American stand up comedian and television talk show host, Byron Allen (last name Folks) was born 22nd April 1961.

American stand up comedian and television talk show host, Bryron Allen (last name Folks) was born 22nd April 1961. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, however moved to Hollywood where he graduated from the Fairfax High School. It is in Los Angeles where Allen started his stand up comedy career as a teenager. He was discovered by Jimmy Walker while doing this who offered him a writing job. Since then Allen has worked alongside the likes of Jay Leno and David Letterman. He was a host of the NBC television series Real People; however in 1984 he returned to stand up comedy after that show was cancelled in 1984. He then went on join a daily interview program called The Byron Allen Show which followed the success of The Tonight Show. This was a short lived program and he moved on to produce and host a music video countdown program titled 'Jammin' which was later re-titled 'Kickin' It'. The Entertainer with Byron Allen show continues to this day and began airing in 1993. Allen founded a production company called Allen's Entertainment Studios ( which has continuously been expanding. He distributes and produces television syndication interview programs related to lifestyles for many networks including Cars.TV, Pets.TV, Comedy.TV and Recipe.TV. These are produced for eighteen television programs which make the company the largest independent distributor of syndicated programs for broadcast TV stations. In addition to television, Entertainment Studios also create content for other multimedia channels such as mobile devices and the websites. The production company now boast over 4000 hours of licensed content and now has offices in Chicago, Raleigh, Atlanta and New York in addition to the head office in Los Angeles. In addition to his long running talk show, Allen also currently hosts a comedy talk show, Comics Unleashed. Allen's television producing work has resulted in 'Are You Serious? Best of Shawn Morgan', 'We Have a Dream', 'ES.TV HD' and 'Designers Fashion & Runways' in recent years and he was director for 'Happy Holidays America', 'Latin Lifestyles' and 'Urban Style'. Allen also has writing credits for the TV shows 'Automotivevision TV' and 'Case Cosed'. Allen is married to Jennifer Lucas (since September 2007) and has one daughter called Chloe Ava, however the couple are expecting a second child.
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